Impound Corkscrew Male Chastity Device with Penis Plug

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Manganese Steel


None Required

Size Imperial

Total Length: 3.93”, Length of cage: 2.75”, Width of base rings: 1.57”/1.77”/1.96”, Penis plug insertable length: 2.16”, Penis plug width: 0.19”

Size Metric

Total Length: 7cm/, Length of cage: 7cm, Width of base rings: 40mm/45mm/50mm, Penis plug insertable length: 5.5cm, Penis plug width: 5mm



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Generally, enforced male chastity involves confining a flaccid penis, but enthusiasts also want devices that are comfortable to wear and easy to clean in the long run.

Metal chastity devices from Impound have taken over the chastity market. Designed ergonomically to follow the curvature of flaccid penises, they have made a tremendous impression. There are four different styles available – Exhibition, Gladiator, Spiral, and Corkscrew – each featuring a padlock, two keys and 3 different-sized based rings to suit most men.

While wearing this cage for long periods, you will not feel overly tense or uncomfortable. As a beautifully torturous metal cock cage featuring a spiral design and three different sized rings in order to fit any size hand, the Impound Corkscrew is a metal cock cage guaranteed to stop any aspiring Houdinis from escaping.

  • The base rings are 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm wide
  • Penis plug insertable length is 5.5cm
  • Approximately 10 cm in length
  • Cage width – 4.5 cm
  • The penis plug is 0.5 cm wide

Keep that cock fired up and don’t let in any trace of frustration! The Impound metal male chastity toy includes an optional penis plug, which can be installed through a secure hole on the cage tip.

Designed for experienced chastity enthusiasts and advanced players who want a level of security as well as a bit of invasion of privacy, this device is not for the faint of heart.

Impound male chastity cage

There are three base rings included with each Impound Male Chastity Cage to ensure a custom fit.

Key features

  • This item is made of metal
  • Provides added security and fun with a urethra-plug
  • Easily cleaned after prolonged wear
  • The spiral design creates the appearance of a cage
  • A padlock and three keys are included for safety and security
  • Three sizes of base rings for custom fit
  • Width of cage: 4.5cm/1.77”
  • Length of cage: 7cm/2.75” 7cm/3.93”
  • Penis plug width: 5mm/0.19”
  • Penis plug insertable length: 5.5cm/2.16”

What are the benefits of chastity cages?

  • An improved bedroom experience
  • Exchange of power, tease, denial
  • A fun and exciting foreplay
  • Fantasy, imagination, and anticipation enhanced
  • Demonstrate your commitment


Definitely recommend.

It was just the right size for me. It’s a little bendier than I anticipated, but it gets the job done. Would recommend.


It’s an excellent value for money for anyone new to chastity cages

This cage is excellent value for money for someone new to chastity cages. It was well made and heavy, I was unsure what size I needed (I probably would have paid too much otherwise). High recommendation for a beginner as they are comfortable and easy to clean.


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