Bound to Please Squeezer Teaser Clover Nipple Clamps with Chain

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nickel free


None Required

Size Imperial

20 x 1.75 inch

Size Metric

50.5 x 3.5 cm



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With the Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps, you’ll be at the mercy of the chain. Simply tie the clamps to your nipples with a silver chain, and surrender to your partner as they tug and tickle you into obedience.

These Squeezer Teaser clamps tighten as the chain is pulled, putting the wearer at the mercy of the pull of a chord when fastened to nipples. The metal links, which are connected by a silver chain, increase sensory excitation when they come into contact with the skin.

Clamps induce your body to release endorphins in response to the pain they cause, which can lead to a natural high and a new pleasure and pain relationship in your body.

They’re simple to use: just tighten the clamps together, position them over your nipple, and slowly release them. If you suddenly let go of them, you’ll experience the shock of your life. So, not a good one!!

These clamps, like a clothes peg, require pressure to open, in this instance by pressing down on each side of the clamp’s central part. The only way to change the pressure is to pull on the chain, which pulls on the mechanism, pushing the jaws to close faster and applying more pressure.

They’re easy to grip because of their size, but make sure you don’t have any lubricant or anything on your hands because they can get a little slippery.

The sensational pain you will experience when utilizing the clamp will be nothing compared to the pain you will experience when the clamps are removed! Oh, my gosh.

When the clamp is released and blood rushes back to your nipple, you will loudly gasp. It’ll be an amazing sensation that you can’t wait to repeat.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable nipple clamps
  • Nickel free
  • Rubber tips for extra comfort
  • Butterfly style

Ready to Buy?

Bound to Please Squeezer Teaser Clover Nipple Clamps with Chain come in a very simple package. A simple black box with the clamps dangling in the front so you can see precisely what you’re getting.

They provide excellent value for money. The low cost is not reflected in the product’s quality. All of the moving parts move so smoothly that it doesn’t feel like they’ll fall apart at any point.

The clamps themselves are also fairly basic. A 25cm chain connects the two clamps, and the clamps are 9cm long.

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