Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device

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Size Imperial

Total Length: 3.34”, Length of cage: 2.75”, Width of cage: 1.57”, Width of base rings: 1.57”/1.77”/1.96”

Size Metric

Total Length: 8.5cm, Length of cage: 7cm, Width of cage: 4cm, Width of base rings: 40mm/45mm/50mm



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The male chastity scene is off the hook with Impound’s newest metal collection. Each cage is ergonomically engineered to conform to the curvature of a flaccid penis, providing the user with maximum comfort.

Looking for that toy to give your night a different buzz? Try out Impound’s male chastity device.

Features of Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device

The open design promotes air circulation during prolonged use and also allows for tease-and-denial play in anticipation of a spectacular eventual release.

The ergonomic shape of the cage corresponds to the natural posture of the flaccid penis, making it pleasant to use for extended periods of time.

It’s constructed of metal, which makes it simple to clean, and it’s fully adjustable, with three different-sized base rings to fit men of varying sizes.

A set of three keys and a padlock are provided for additional safety. With the Impound Spiral, spiral into control and transform into the imprisoned cock in the henhouse.

Why Buy Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device?

This metal male chastity device boasts a spiral design that is not only comfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time but also allows for tease and denial play and provides a true “caged” appearance.

The gadget has three base rings to accommodate a range of sizes and is pad-lockable for maximum confinement.

While the Impound Spiral will not cause the wearer to spiral out of control, it will provide a whirling experience while worn.

While enforced male chastity is primarily concerned with the confinement of a flaccid penis, Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device is both comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

Who is Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device for?

This cock cage is just for the most dedicated penis play lovers.

There is no way for your partner to escape with a strong metal cage, hollow urethral sound, and padlock closing.

3.5 inches in length with a choice of three different ball ring sizes.

Breathable and open-ended for extended usage, this cage allows for urine and ejaculation and allows for customising his agony with the detachable urethral sound.

To wear, pick the ball ring that fits his cock and balls best from the three offered and secure it around his cock and balls.

Then put the cage part over his penis, ensuring that the top of the ball ring fits through the cage’s specified hole. Between the metal ring and the cage, his balls should dangle freely.

Now secure him in by inserting the padlock through the top two holes! (Just make certain you don’t lose the keys!)

To provide maximum comfort, we always recommend lubricating his shaft and balls prior to use. Always remember to use a sterile lubricant for urethral play. Always remove before sleeping, as with other male chastity devices.

No screwing around with Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device

Ready to make him pay? Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device is the toy you need for that pleasure-pain mix.

Order Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device today at Wicked Sex Toys and enjoy discreet shopping.

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