Bound to Please Nipple Clamps & Chain

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nickel free metal


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18.5 x 1 inch

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47.5 x 2.5 cm



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Pinch yourself with these exquisitely torturous Bound to Please nipple clamps that will awaken your most primal cravings and submerge you in heightened sensations. 

Adjustable and fashionable, these clamps will entice, squeeze, and tease you until you have had enough. Overwhelmed by a delectable combination of pleasure and agony, these metal chains and clamps from Bound to Please let you enjoy the most of the breast.

These are excellent entry-level nipple clamps, having simple-to-use tweezer-style clamps with rubber tips on the end. To wear, just slide the little ring down to the chain and then place the tweezers on your nipple. Once on your nipple, move the little ring upward until a comfortable level is reached.

These simple-to-use nipple clamps include soft rubber tips at the end, which adds to their comfort. The tweezers are connected by a chain that glides across the skin.

Features of Bound to Please Nipple Clamps & Chain

  •         Bound to Please Tweezer Style Adjustable nipple clamps
  •         Ideal for Beginners
  •         Rubber Tips for Extra Comfort
  •         Made from Nickel Free Metal

Ideal For Squeezing, Teasing and Pleasing

With the Bound to Please Nipple Clamps, take control of serious sensation play.

These alligator-clip-style brass nipple clamps are modelled after Victorian Era surgical clamps and add a touch of sophistication to your erotic play.

Each clamp’s rubberized PVC tips secure it to the body, while screw knobs adjust the grip from extremely light to intense, allowing you to engage in a variety of stimulating scenarios.

Available in Chrome Plated or Powder Coat Black finish, these clamps come with specific explanations to ensure safe use for highly experienced sensationalists or those exploring the joys of a light-hearted pinch for the first time.

The Bound to Please Nipple Clamps are sturdy and flexible, making them great for squeezing, teasing, and satisfying anytime, anywhere!

Sexy and Practical

These tweezer type nipple clamps are the ideal entry-level nipple clamp set because they offer the ideal blend of tiny surface area for pin-point pressure and rubber-coated tips for comfort. The metal links, which are connected by a silver link chain, also provide sensory stimulation when they come into contact with the skin.

Bound to Please Nipple clamps are an excellent introduction to the sensuous pleasures of nipple clamps. The little tweezer-style clamps are ideal for pinpoint precision, while the rubber clamps provide comfort as you enjoy your sexual experience. Gently tug on the connecting chain to heighten sensation, and watch as your companion writhes in pain under your caressing fingers.

The plier design is not only attractive, but it is also functional. These clamps are extremely adjustable, making them ideal for determining where and how you like your clamps to be placed.

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