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Do you have erectile dysfunction at the moment? Or, are you just aiming to enhance your penis size and erection? At certain stages in life, many of us may feel a little self-conscious about our dick size or wanting a large and hard erection.

Penis pumps also help men struggling with erectile dysfunction to maintain an erection so that they can fully satisfy their partner.

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Using a penis pump is clinically proven and it is a pain-free method to effectively add girth and length to the penis while improving your overall sexual wellbeing.

This typically consists of a plastic tube, a pumping device, and a band. Intended to build up manually the needed pressure for erection which will last the whole sex period.

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Penis pumps are reliable but inexpensive, accessible without the need to visit a specialist, and super easy to use for penis enlargement.

Most males see an improvement in penis width and length shortly after using a penis pump.

It gives you thrill and enjoyment during playtime!

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What Is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump do just what you think a penis pump does.

Vacuum erection devices for achieving and maintaining an erection, a perfect substitute for Viagra. So it is one of those few nonmedicated erectile dysfunction treatment options available.

A penis pump is a plastic tube, with a hand or battery-operated motor and a penis base constriction ring to allow air to be pumped while creating a vacuum.

This affects the penis, which leads to increased sensitivity and transient genital enlargement.

Who Can Use A Penis Pump?

Whether you have a penis or if your partner has one, you can pump it, despite your gender or sexual orientation.

Penis pumps are most frequently used for solo play and during masturbation.

However, it’s an enjoyable sex toy for couples to play with, which is used for the BDSM play.

How To Use A Penis Pump?

  • Perhaps you’d like to brush pubic hair around the penis base. This is not necessary, but it helps avoid the ring being stuck in the hair.
  • Apply a thin coat of water-based lube over the penis’ base and to the pump to avoid friction and enable the vacuum pump to perform at its maximum.
  • Inside the ring, place your cock. Switch on the pump if it has a battery or you may use the hand pump to initiate air removal from the tube. The pressure helps bring blood to the penis.
  • Start at a slow speed. To achieve the best and most comfortable outcome, slowly increase the pressure. This can take you only a few minutes to get an erection. Take the opportunity to enjoy the process that the tool does on your penis and feel the blood gushing to your manhood.
  • Pay attention to your body and you can automatically stop if it starts getting unpleasant.
  • Place the constriction ring on the base of the penis once erect. This helps to maintain the erection in the penis by trying to keep the blood.
  • To stop suction, hit the release valve and detach the tube.

Different Kinds of Penis Pumps

There are multiple types of dick pumps, so you would find a suitable match.

Vibrating Penis Pump

It gives the best experience, increases the size of the penis from enjoyable vacuum restraints, and the pleasant vibration feeling right where you’d like it the most.

Stroker Pump

This pump has a realistic vagina shape into which you sink your penis as you get hotter and much harder.

Some pumps have a transparent tube and you can see how the blood easily flows through your penis and increases your erectile desires.

The very idea of writing a sex diary was often greeted by mothers of young children with a wry laugh. `Sex? What is that again?’

Automatic Penis Pump

You don’t have to stress about too much pressure because most of them have an automotive pressure meter.

This electronic battery pump fills up everything and does the sucking for you, so you just have to hold your penis up and let it do all the magic for you.

Hydro Penis Pump

This pump requires water to create a vacuum instead of air. They are manually controlled, and you’d normally use them while having a bath or in the shower.

Benefits of Using A Penis Pump

  • A medically recognized erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Enhanced intimacy through extended foreplay
  • Experience longer and more incredibly hard erections
  • Boost the erected penis length and diameter temporarily
  • Enhances penile blood flow for better sensations
  • Pills, Viagra and other oral medications are not required
  • Extreme low risk for high sexual gains

Possible adverse effects

If properly handled, the use of a penis pump poses limited risks. It can be used as often as long as your body responded positively to this ed treatment.

Some men would use it many times a day, while others may have to use it less frequently.

Nonetheless, some problems have to be taken into account. These involve:

The G spot is a sensitive area felt through the anterior wall of the vagina half way between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. It swells when it is stimulated and some women find stimulation of the area very pleasurable.

  • Red spots or petechiae pinpoint size: This is triggered by bleeding underneath the surface of the penis skin.
  • Pain or bruises: Inappropriate use of a pump can lead to bruising and other uncomfortable blood vessels and penis injuries
  • Numbing, coldness, and bluish-colored skin. It will happen when the band is so tight.
  • Painful ejaculation: When you ejaculate, you may feel like your semen is stuck and the experience is painful. Several manufacturers make penis rings with a slight cut-out that can aid this kind of scenario.
  • Erections with unnatural feeling: Many users say that when using a penis pump their erections do not feel spontaneous or natural.
  • Mental health impact: Having to slow down to use a penis pump before the actual sexual intercourse could spoil the mood of some couples.


How long should I use a penis pump?

Initially, stick with 2-3 pumping activities each week. And, a max of 15 min every pumping cycle.
If you prefer, you may increase to every day pumping, but don’t forget to massage your penis.
Using a pump very often in a lengthy period will gradually weaken the elastic tissue of your penis and this may trigger further erection problems.

How do you introduce a penis pump with your partner?

It’s better to communicate with your partner and be frank about using the tool before purchasing the pump.
However, before you introduce it to your partner, start practicing it. Try different pumping methods and pacing, so that you would feel more relaxed when it’s time to do it with your partner.

Is it necessary to buy a separate penis pump sleeve?

Often these penis pumps already have their penis pump sleeve, but if they are starting to wear out, you could order new replacement sleeves. There are separate, unique penis pump sleeves that are shaped like vaginas, mouths, and butts, providing additional comfort and pleasure.

When using a penis pump, is it needed to trim pubes?

This is not necessary. But, the lesser pubes, the better. You can’t achieve an air-tight seal while using your penis pump if the hair gets in between your penis and the pump. Pumping and trimming is a great pairing to optimize what nature has offered you.

What to look for when choosing a pump?

You should pick a penis pump with a vacuum limit on it. This functionality means that the air pressure within the tube will not get too intense, which may harm your penis.
Also, consider the size of your penis when selecting a pump. It should be securely tight, but not to the point that it gets too uncomfortable.

What are the health conditions that would prevent someone from using a penis pump?

Men with mild erectile dysfunction may safely use a penis pump, while those with clotting abnormalities like Sickle Cell Anemia as well as those who are prescribed blood-thinning medication may consult with their doctor first before doing so. They are at greater risk for internal bleeding incidents.

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