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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Best Vibrators For Women
Even though vibrators are used by more than half of all women, much like the female orgasm itself, there is much mystery around these buzzy sex devices. Is it true that vibrators are just useful for masturbation, or that they may also make partnered sex more pleasurable?

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What’s more, is it accurate to say that using a vibrator too much might cause your vagina to become permanently numb? This guide will teach you all you need to know about women‘s vibrators.

Vibrators or massagers are sex toys that use electronic power to deliver pulses or vibrations to the user’s erogenous zones in order to create sexual stimulation on the body.Since their inception, vibrators have evolved in design and functionality and are available in different shapes and sizes.

Depending on the product, they can be used externally on the vulva, clitoris, anus, or inserted internally in the anus or vagina. The continuous stimulation of the body with vibrators will result in sexual sensation or pleasure and then lead to an orgasm.

Vibrators for Women Chosen by Experts

The right vibrator can be tricky to find, especially when you want one that delivers the euphoria of toe-curling orgasms.

There can be a lot of hard work involved when it comes down to the latest vibes, especially with all the bells and whistles they boast and the pricey tags attached. It can be difficult to even begin!

Well, to reduce some of the guesswork you will have to go through in searching for the vibrator of your dreams, here are picks for some of the best vibrators for women shared and recommended by sex experts.

These should help reduce the time you spend on research and get you closer to achieving explosive orgasms.

Womanizer Pro 40

The Pleasure Air Technology of the Womanizer Pro 40 makes this classic vibrator a high-demand quarantine sex toy. With pulsating air vibrations, the vibe sucks and massages the clitoris without touching it at all.

The Smart Wand

Wand massagers are timeless devices. Powerful, yet nearly silent, this wand vibrator packs quite a punch. You can choose from two sizes and three colours (plum, ivory, or black). The device is also cordless and waterproof.

Smile Makers: The Tennis Coach

Inside the ball-shaped head is a G-spot vibrator that is whisper-quiet and sure to “hit that spot.” Most users dubbed it their best friend during self-quarantine. It definitely does what your ex-lovers wish they could do and will satisfy you every bit of the way. There’s no doubt that it will make these trying times seem pleasurable. Stay healthy, stay inside, and have some fun with this toy.

Shibari Mini Halo

This mini toy is small, chic, and water-resistant with a choice of 20 pulse options.

Lelo, Sona, Cruise Cerise

These clitoral stimulators use sonic pulses to deliver deep, prolonged pleasure to the clitoris.

Tango We-Vibe

Despite its mini appearance that resembles lipstick, you can run this vibrator for two hours without a charge.

We-Vibe Couples’ Vibrator

There are two major benefits to this vibrator: Both partners can feel the vibrations during sex, and it is USB rechargeable.

The Vibrator is a Paloqueth Rabbit Vibrator.

The bunny ear-shaped angled vibrator can be inserted into the vagina, while its ears stimulate the clitoris (as seen on Sex and the City).

Waterproof Bullet Vibrator

It’s small enough to fit into your purse or pocket, yet packs a lot of power and vibrates quietly.

Bombex Vibrating Prostate Massager.

Its unique design features a vibrating butt plug and a cock ring that are all built from smooth silicone, while the design allows the butt plug to vibrate at 10 different settings. The device can also be controlled remotely.

Lelo Soraya No. 2

Delivering internal, G-spot stimulation and clitoral vibrations, the Soraya 2 works like a rabbit vibrator. Although it’s pretty, it’s surprisingly powerful and among Lelo‘s best sellers. Lelo designed the sleek vibrator for women specifically to target the G-spot. So much so that in the engineering process, ultrasounds were used to determine where the G-spot is located.

Cheven Vibrating Panties

The ergonomic design of the vibrator allows it to fit comfortably inside your underwear, and a wireless remote enables you to control its vibration, making it suitable for discreetly exploring erotic pleasures wherever you are.

Lelo ‘Lily 2’

Size doesn’t always matter. The 2.9 x 1.4-inch waterproof rechargeable vibrator is palm-sized but delivers powerful vibrations. Despite its small size, it can conveniently fit into a purse so you can enjoy its eight vibrations on the go. The scent is also a nice touch. The scents that you can choose from are pink (scented with rose and wisteria), plum (scented with Bordeaux and chocolate), and lavender (scented with lavender and manuka honey).

Zee, Dame

It’s made of silky-smooth plastic called ABS instead of silicone and coated with a soft-touch spray. This thinner material gives room and allows Zee’s extremely powerful motor to operate to the max.

Womanizer Classic: Suction Vibrators

Using a suction vibrator is a great choice for clitoral stimulation and for anyone wanting sensations similar to having oral sex. The Womanizer Classic is a suction-heavy toy that has a nontraditional shape with a hollow silicone tip that allows for pinpoint sensation.

Suction Vibrators: Lelo Sila

Kate Moyle, psychosexual therapist and host of the Sexual Wellness Sessions podcast, recommends the Lelo Sila if you’re looking for a gentler, deeper experience. Compared to other clitoral stimulators, the Sila has a larger mouth and uses sound waves instead of buzzing vibrations, which results in a less intense sensation overall. Sound waves spread the intensity throughout the clitoris when applied, rather than just the glands within it.

Rabbit Vibrators: Lioness

For a more innovative vibrator, the Lioness is the ideal choice, as it can sync to an app that details your sensual experience, from muscle contractions to temperature and orgasms. It is a high-tech rabbit vibrator.

Rabbit Vibrators: Greedy Girl Rabbit

This rabbit vibrator is a must-have, as the Greedy Girl option features a whopping 36 vibration combinations and a completely waterproof body for explosive sensual explorations in pools and tubs.

Check out more of our best-selling vibrators here.

How do vibrators for women work?

Whether you’re new to vibrating sex toys, or if you’ve used them for years. By using and caring for your bedtime buddy properly, you can enhance your sessions and ensure that your vibrator is working to its optimum.

By simply reading the instruction manual or tutorial, you or your partner won’t be able to get the most enjoyment from your vibrator. Sure, the best way to make your toy work is to understand whether it is designed primarily for internal use, external use, or some other mode.

To adjust the vibe’s different speeds and functions, it’s important to know how to use the controls. However, the most important thing is to understand your body, your needs, and your desires.

You can make sure your vibrator is working for you by following these tips.

Choosing the right vibrator is important. If the only way to climax is through touching the G-spot, then using a bullet vibrator or magic wand makes no sense. If all you want is clitoral play, then a rabbit isn’t the best choice. Choosing incorrectly your first time is not a cause to panic. The fun is in finding a more suitable toy.

You should wait to begin playing until the mood is right. When you get excited before putting your vibe into action, you will enhance the experience and provide the greatest pleasure. It’s no different than getting into the mood before going crazy in bed. Get ready before you turn the “on” switch, whether you’re drawn to wine and candles, hot porn, or an erotic novel.

Find out what you’re comfortable with and what you can’t tolerate. Several vulva owners report they dislike vibrators because their initial experience involved turning it on and plugging it in. In practice, however, that approach will likely be as satisfying as a fumble in a back seat on the first try.

Exercising. Vibrators are fun, but half the best part is the pleasure you get from them. Another half is becoming familiar with your body and experiencing sensations you have never experienced before. Practising helps achieve both.

Try thinking about what you enjoy the most when you’re with a partner or playing alone. Are you attracted to clitoral stimulation? Are you attracted to the sensation of penetration and thrusting movement? Do you like hitting the G-spot?

Are you more interested in playing orally or anally? Or into mixed experiences? Next, consider which type of contact appeals to you. Do you prefer gentle or rough contact? Getting constant contact or teasing? If you use the right toy, use the right level of vibration, and use the right contact, you can accomplish all four goals.

The friend you need is named Lube! The smoother the vibe is, the more likely it is to catch or pull on your skin than a “human toy.” You’ll need a lubricant that is appropriate for the vibe you’re using. The easiest and safest lube to use is one that is water-based. Using silicone lubricants on toys will damage their silicone skin, while oil-based lubricants can damage a vibrating toy’s rubber or latex skin.

Make sure to clean up afterwards. Don’t go to bed without giving your vibrator a good scrub and putting it away in a clean container. Soap and warm water are just as good as the expensive cleaning sprays you see on Amazon. You may have problems with future playtimes if your new sex toy becomes a home for bacteria and fungi.

Features to look for in women’s vibrators

The vibrator market is flooded with choices, so finding the right one can be challenging. With so many options, such as butt-specific vibrating toys, vibrating magic wands, bullets as small as lipsticks, internal toys, rabbits, and cock rings, it would take you years to sort through them all. To help you make a smart choice when it comes to vibrators, we suggest keeping these key points in mind.

Among the features we considered were:

  • The brand’s products should be covered by a warranty and be durable.
  • Safety of the product
  • Vibrators are available in a variety of ranges.
  • What is the price of the vibrators and are they reasonable?
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Design innovation and its ability to offer a wide range of pleasure
  • How the product is powered and what type of battery it uses
  • Fluid and water resistance.
  • In addition to vibrators’ size and dimensions, storage efficiency is also important.
  • Its brand’s reputation
  • that packaging and shipments of the vibrators are handled discreetly.

Types of vibrators for women

Suction vibrators: These vibrators are designed to mimic oral sex and can be used to target specific areas of the clitoral region. You can find some with a moving ball that mimics the sensation of a moving tongue.

Anal Vibrators: A vibrator can be used for this purpose if it is internal. They typically have a thin profile (for obvious reasons) and a flared base, so they won’t accidentally fall into the rectum. Keep lubricant nearby. Several of these designs are modelled after penis-havers’ prostates!

External Vibrators: These devices are usually used to stimulate the labia or clitoris. It feels great on the nipples, too. They are frequently shaped differently than traditional dildos in order to stimulate a large surface area at once or stimulate the labia and clitoris at the same time, or press on both at the same time. Examples include magic wand vibrators, finger vibrators, and bullet vibrators.

Internal Vibrators: These toys stimulate the sensitive areas within the vaginal cavity to simulate sexual encounters or intercourse. Internal vibes that are the most common are the simple dildo vibrators or models shaped like an egg (particularly fun to use with a partner) and the G-spot vibrators. Researchers believe that G-spot stimulation can induce powerful orgasms in females since G-spots are linked to the clitoris. Examples include G-spot vibrators, penetrative vibrators, and egg vibrators.

Here lovers linger in the afterglow of intimacy, not yet concerned about the future, only enraptured by the dizzying dance they shared in each other’s arms.

Combination Vibrators: Even if you’re still browsing for a vibrator, you’ve probably heard of Charlotte’s famous rabbit vibrator from Sex and the City. There are several types of combination vibrators, but they always have at least two heads, one for stimulation of the clitoris and one for penetration of the vaginal wall. In some models, the anus is also stimulated through three heads. An example would be the Rabbit Triple Curve vibrator.

Popular brands of vibrators for women.

The industries catering to our sexual desires are experiencing ripple effects due to the changing cultural narratives surrounding sexuality. With the priority shift toward women’s pleasure and transgender pleasure as well, the pleasure toy industry has been evolving. By encouraging us to explore our sexuality and desires without feeling shame or that there is a one-size-fits-all approach, they help us discover a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Popular brands of vibrators for women include Svakom, LELO, LoveHoney, Lioness, Chakrubs, Crave, Ohnut, Dame, Unbound, Maude, Je Joue, Lora Dicarlo and OhMiBod.

Now that you are informed, what are you waiting for? You can now achieve pure pleasure-or at least feel it if you choose your next vibrator wisely.

Sexual Health Benefits of Vibrators for Women

The vibrator was said to have been made to treat depression in women.

The benefits of masturbation go beyond simply reducing pain; it also improves your sleep and promotes the healing process, making it crucial to your physical and mental health. By adding a vibrator to the mix, you’re signing up for all those health benefits and thrilling orgasms.

Health reports that sexologist Carol Queen, PhD, curator of the Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum, credited George Taylor, a physician, with the invention (his original circa-1869 device), which was designed to relieve depression and anxiety in women, a medical condition known as “hysteria.”

Vulval or clitoral massages and later vibrations were used for hysteria, which caused women to go into hysterical paroxysms of relief. Vibrators were made available to consumers by the turn of the century. Even Sears, Roebuck & Co. offered them in its catalogue in the early 1900s.

You can use vibrators to help your body become more aware of a variety of sensations. In addition, it can spice up long-term relationships by increasing your sexual repertoire.

A vibrator lets you discover your own pleasure zones, which is one of the best benefits. Your lovers will have a difficult time understanding what makes you happy if you aren’t aware of it yourself.

Find the Best Vibrators for You

From wands and eggs to an actual necklace, these are the best vibrators that you need in your life. Our goal is to serve you with the most dependable products for eye-rolling orgasms. For that, our team made sure to carry out comprehensive research and evaluations. After all, we want you to embrace your desires and your womanhood, and never look back.

We narrowed it down to brands that offer premium quality and are plump with plenty of good feedback. We considered what women want from an ideal vibrator and combed for these features.

So, what are the criteria and classifications? We have it all covered in our recommended products.

Best for Beginners

Choosing a vibrator is a big decision for a newbie, so educate yourself about what should affect your decision. However, sometimes you should also experiment with different vibrators and sex toys to find the right one for you. Some notable vibes for beginners are the Classic Bullet: Zee, Lelo Gigi 2, The Cici, and the Lelo Smart Wand 2, among various others.

Visit our vibrator for beginners page to explore the right vibe for you and get started on your sensual journey.

Best Women’s Realistic Vibrators

The newest craze in the sex toy industry is realistic dildo vibrators, a sex toy that simulates the feel and looks of a real penis. Depending on the model, some testicles may even appear near the base, while others may include a natural-looking tip and veins.

From the Stronic Real Thrusting Realistic Vibrator or the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Vibrator to the King Cock and the G5 Big Boss. If you’re having trouble finding a realistic vibrator you like, or you want to expand your collection with more of the best realistic dildos, then our realistic dildo page is for you.

Women’s Solo Vibrators

Riding on your own? It’s useful to use your hands, but a vibrator is even more impressive-or at least that’s what the experts say. From the Womanizer Pro 40 or Smart Wand to the Shibari Mini Halo, here is our extensive catalogue of the best solo vibrators for women.

Anal Vibrators for Women

Vibrational butt plugs or massagers are good options for starting out on anal pleasure. Before you venture into anal stimulation with a partner, you can get comfortable with anal stimulation on your own with the best anal vibrators.

Some of our picks include the CalExotics Thrusting Rotating Probe, the We-Vibe Vector, CalExotics Booty Call Vibro Kit, Svakom Vick Neo App-Controlled Prostate Massager, O-Boy Vibrating Anal Toy, VeDo Quaker Anal Vibe, and B-Vibe Triplet Vibrating Anal Beads. Visit our page to explore the full list of our best anal vibrators.

Couples Vibrators

There are several popular devices like the We-Vibe, which fits between two partners and has an adjustable feature that makes it easy to hit any erogenous zone, from the shaft of the penis to the G-Spot or glans clitoris. Eva II from Dame Products is another hands-free vibrating device that stimulates both the glans and labia during deep penetrating sex, as well as providing sensual vibrations for the partner.

Why Choose Us

Getting a sex toy doesn’t have to be nearly as complicated as you might think. It does not matter what you fantasize about, someone has probably made it. Spreader bars to sex furniture, if you can imagine it, it probably exists. While vibrating devices may not be the only way to savour an orgasm, but when it comes to pleasure, they’re certainly one of the major players. In addition to making partnered sex way more enjoyable, vibrating sex toys can make experimenting with sexuality way easier.

Vibrators for Women are available at Wicked Sex Toys with different features, including heating function, and are made of body-safe medical-grade silicone material. Our vibrating toys for couples, dildos, and g-spot vibrators are covered under a 1-year warranty.

Sex is a natural function. You can’t make it happen, but you can teach people to let it happen.

Discreet Delivery

We offer one of the best discreet delivery services, ensuring that the contents of your package remain your business alone. Maintaining your privacy and anonymity is our priority.

Free Returns

At Wicked Sex Toys, we offer free returns for all our products. You are allowed to return the item to us for any reason within 30 days of purchase, as returns are accepted if the product is still new and unused.

Excellent Service

When you are on the hunt for the perfect vibrator, you cannot spread your research too wide. With tons upon tons of suggestions out there, you are bound to find yourself confused. With impeccable customer service being the soul of our business, our experts are always available to advise you on the perfect vibrators tailored to your specific needs.

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