Bound to Please Silicone Heart Shaped Crop with Feather Tickler

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Size Imperial

Product Length: 21.5 inches, Silicone tip widest point: 3.5 inches

Size Metric

Product Length: 55 cm, Silicone tip widest point: 9 cm



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The Bound to Please Silicone Heart Shaped Crop with Feather Tickler combines the sensuous sting of a crop with the fluttering float of a tickler. It features a heart-shaped strike surface and a feather tickler. This crop delivers a sharp sting to the skin for a unique sensual experience and leaves a real mark of love!

This heart-shaped crop fits the hand comfortably, while offering a useful reminder of what’s in store. This fantastic crop brings a whole new meaning to heartache with its stunning sting. With every strike of this crop, you’ll be able to see the imprint of your heart on your partner’s skin

All the best features!

It’s made from silicone for body-safe enjoyment. It measures about 54 cm or 21.25 inches overall including the handle.

Use the length of this crop to create unique sensations along your partner’s body. The suede leather wrist strap can be used by both partners during play, which helps keep the crop within reach during intimate scenes.

This heart shaped crop with feather tickler has a long, soft leather-like handle that fits comfortably in your hand. Its flat end makes this crop a pleasure while leaving some room for imagination to play games.

The crop is designed to maintain control while inflicting the desired sensations. A feathered tickler attached to the end tickles away at the senses leaving your sub begging for more. For more sensual play, try dipping the thick end of the crop in massage oil before use.

Who is it for?

The Bound to Please Silicone Heart Shaping Crop is a versatile choice for beginner or seasoned bondage players, with multiple ways to enjoy the crop. It is a versatile and sensual toy that can be used for sensual pleasure or punishment – either way, you will be pleased with the results. The crop is also easy to clean, and a great choice for vegetarians and BDSM enthusiasts who enjoy sensual spanking and erotic fantasy role playing.

What can it do?

Whip the tails of the feather tickler for a bit of tickling sensation or smack your partner’s body with the heart shaped crop for a bit of pain. The silicone crop can be heated to provide a sensual feel along with the gentle sting created from the impact on your partner’s skin. It’s perfect for small to medium sized areas and less painful than a conventional flogger.

The heart-shaped crop delivers a firm slap that sends shivers down your spine, while the soft, satiny feather tickler lightly brushes up against your skin on each pass, sending a cascade of chills down your back. This wickedly wonderful, beautifully crafted piece is just as effective for sensual pleasures as it is for discipline.

Ready to up your sex game?

Soft, eye-catching and ready for action, this crop is as versatile as it is effective. This crop will leave your hands in no doubt as to where they deserve to roam! It is the perfect tool for discovering all of your most sensitive areas.

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