Bound Noir Nubuck Leather Riding Crop

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BDSM will never be the same with the beautiful Bound Noir Nubuck Leather Riding Crop, which will assist you in reaching your partner no matter how long they have been on a leash.

This is the ideal tool for any type of power and impact role-playing. The Bound Noir Riding crop is a timeless piece of clothing.

This elegant crop is crafted from high-quality black leather, and it is perfect for the classy gentleman. This crop, which is springy and has a tiny point, will have a stinging effect.

Its leather-bound handle is easy to grasp, and the wrist loop ensures that it will not fly away no matter how passionate you become!

A more severe impact than a standard paddle, riding crops like as this one is ideal for individuals seeking to take their impact play to the next level.

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Features of Bound Noir Nubuck Leather Riding Crop

  •         Well-appointed black leather riding crop for impact play
  •         Slender, leather slapper tip for sparing smacks that produce a satisfying thwack feeling
  •         Long, flexible stem for long-range, piercing blows
  •         Handle is durable, leather-wrapped, and ribbed for a comfortable grip.
  •         For further grip, a convenient wrist loop is included.
  •         Brass stud embellishments lend an attractive, sophisticated appearance.
  •         This is an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced players.

Boost Your BSDM Accessories Collection

Equip yourself and use this stingy satisfaction tool; the Bound Noir Nubuck Leather Riding Crop will have your companion galloping in bliss and under control. Get Bound and Stay Bound with our selection of opulent nubuck leather bondage clothing and accessories!

This tool of delight slices through the air and consistently delivers a crisp, accurate blow – designed for expert players who are comfortable using a precision impact crop. A wonderful balance of pleasure and agony. The iconic Bound Noir Nubuck Leather Riding Crop is an essential addition to any fantasy aficionado’s collection.

Perfect for Beginners and Experts

The Bound to Please Riding Crop is perfect for novices since the broad faux-leather tip distributes the strength of your swing evenly, allowing you to leave wonderful impressions of love on your lover without fear of permanent pain or scarring.

The sturdy, fake leather-covered handle features a wrist loop, allowing you to retain a solid and confident hold during play and then store the handle in the loop.

Begin your impact play collection with a high-quality crop that will easily introduce you to the delights of spanking, or supplement your current toybox with the Bound to Please Riding Crop for those days when you require something a little more compassionate.

Explore Your Kink Boundaries

Explore your limits and the depth of your sensations with this beginner’s riding crop that is robust enough for lengthy scenes but still lightweight and manageable for beginning players.

Your partner will anticipate the delicious sensation of the crop’s stinging sting while the supple stem makes the most delightful swish in the air.

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