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If you've ever been lonely at night, yet you do not even have a partner or if your girlfriend is out on a holiday, satisfy your fantasies by pounding a realistic vagina toy.

You don't even have to share extreme penetrative sex with a real lover! These realistic vaginas are great if you're searching for a truly genuine, close resemblance to a lifelike vagina.

If you're looking for a realistic pleasure, search no further than Wicked Sex Toys' collection of realistic vaginas.



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Discover stylish realistic vaginas or, if you want to, a design meant to mimic your favorite porn actress.

Also, you can even find Realistic Vaginas prosthetics that vibrate whenever you enter them, producing a completely stunning intense orgasm.

This is certainly the place to start looking if you want much more than your regular masturbation toy.

Safe with the majority of the lubricants, our realistic pussies are compact and very well-formed to provide splendid penetration every time you play.

Or, you may indulge yourself in such a tight vagina in whatever position without even trying to hold it using your hands.

Quick and efficient to mount to any surface, realistic vaginas are your superb toy for unparalleled hands-free experiences and wonderful solo play.

Savor the mind-blowing delight using the Wicked Sex Toys’ Realistic Vaginas! Explore our selection of realistic vaginas and introduce life-like enjoyment and satisfaction to your sex life.

What Are Realistic Vaginas?

Realistic pussy or vagina sex toys are male masturbators built to make you feel and look like an actual woman.

They appear and feel as authentic as the real deal since they have almost similar skin and labia.

This is the perfect form of sex device for men who just don’t like artificially designed masturbators, but love the natural look and feel of the skin.

These realistic vaginas could vary in appearance or length, but typically involve placing a penis into an object that looks exactly like a tunnel.

When you get over the strange look and design, you will start seeing the benefits of having one around for those days when you do get bored and alone.

Although these toys are not a 100 percent cent replacement for a woman’s caring affection, they come in close position.

Sex is all in your imagination even then, so when you’re forming a dream scenario in your head, your penis will be focusing on a vagina toy to achieve pleasure and orgasm.

Types Of Realistic Vaginas

These are the most famous sex toys that are built with a realistic vagina.

If you want to pretend like you’re having intercourse with a genuine vagina, acquire any of those which are going to engulf your dick as an actual vagina would.


The Fleshlight is a product of the sexually inventive, technically progressive time during the 90s, but it has been the face of the men’s sex retail market.

It’s a very well-known maker of pocket pussies, but not all pocket pussies are manufactured by them.

The easiest way to think of it is that pocket pussy is regarded as a classification, and Fleshlight is a brand under that classification.

Fleshlights are a masturbation and sexual stimulation toy for people with a penis that can mimic a whole range of anatomical and wonderful sensations.

Most of the fleshlights are crafted from Cyberskin, a special substance that strongly resembles the skin surface.

They’re always designed like a flashlight, with a flesh-like layer inside.

Pocket pussies

Pocket vagina, maybe predictably, is just about precisely as it sounds like.

They’re perfect to bring along with you while you’re on a trip. It’s a pussy that you can have anywhere at any moment.

Pocket Pussies can come in several types and sizes. They are generally modeled like a circular tube and have a spongy and soft substance inside.

At the very end of the tube, there is a vagina formed into a fluffy inner pipe. This is the place where the fun begins!

They look like real-life vaginas and are often created from the molding of the vagina of your fave porn actresses.

So if you’ve always dreamt about banging your beloved porn star, this will let you have a more realistic fantasy.

If you want to have a great sex life you have to be honest with yourself and partners about what that means to you,”

Sex dolls

Sex dolls are sex toys modeled in the form of sexy women. The structures are perfectly symmetrical, from the head down to their feet.

Every sex doll is created with genital body parts like the vagina, anus, and a mouth.

It’s ideal for people who just want to feel like they’re penetrating and thrusting into a real woman.

You may keep your eyes closed as you envision that you’re having actual sex with your celebrity crush as you imagine her entire body beneath you.

Realistic vagina and butt sets

This includes two lovely little openings, ready for your enjoyment. It’s got a pink vagina ready and a strong virgin bottom.

This is perfect if you like to grab that rear because this toy has almost natural, bouncy buttocks, and you can spread it wide apart as you drive it to the finale.

How To Choose The Best Realistic Vagina?


There are unique materials used to build realistic vaginas. Thermoplastics, silicone, and occasionally latex rubber are the most widely used.

Thermoplastic or “Cyberskin” is being used by several large manufacturers. It’s a specialized material that looks realistic, smooth, elastic, and warm, much like a natural vagina or bum.

It provides an extremely realistic sensation when properly handled and is fairly affordable.

Unfortunately, Cyberskin is much more porous than some other components, which implies that you’re going to spend more time washing and cleaning them.

Silicone goods cost far more than regular sex toy substances. If you like your sex toys being a little less porous so that it would be easier to clean, pick the silicone realistic vaginas.

Also, there are latex realistic vaginas, but there are a lot of people with latex allergies. The last thing you need is an allergic reaction on your dick when you’re just wanting to masturbate.


You’ll find an astonishing range of realistic vaginas available in the market.

The length of these realistic vaginas ranges from 3.5 inches to 9 inches, so select the depth as per the size and height of your penis.

Other guys want a tighter feeling when penetrating so you should buy the tightest realistic vagina there is.

However, for some, a realistic vagina that highlights a canal that is significantly larger in scale than the penis enables for an even more enjoyable evening.

Also, verify your measurement details before you make your order.


Every realistic vagina comes with various levels of intensity, so you must be able to determine from the user manual the quality of texture and level of intensity that the stoker could offer.

They often incorporate inbuilt textures such as bumps, grooves, ridges, and knots that add to a distinctive feeling within each toy.

Power dynamics, abuse, role play, dominance, and submission can all be parts of healthy sexuality that we actively or passively participate in.

Extra Functions

There are also realistic vaginas that have an inner vibrating bullet, which creates trembling pleasure throughout intercourse.

Some of them contain a sound system that would make the toy squeal with delight, to make you even more excited.

Other device powered realistic vaginas have functional pussy attachments that can be added to penis pumps if you don’t like the texture and appearance of regular penis pumps.


How to clean and take care of your realistic vagina?

Wash the realistic vagina using warm water and antibacterial soap after every use, make sure you clean the inner surface properly and rinse it out thoroughly.

Dry the internal and external parts of your sex toy with fabric cloth.

Always, we suggest that you dry it out, either by leaving it lying on a towel or by placing it in front of a fan.

It’s necessary to clean it regularly so that the sex toy lasts much longer and doesn’t produce any unnecessary and offensive smells.

What is the best lube for the realistic vaginas?

You must use the right kind of lube to achieve the maximum pleasant experience from your realistic vagina masturbator. It can be painful to use without adequate lube and can injure your dick.

Water-based lubricants are easy to use and, once they start to dry, you can simply add more. But avoid silicone lubricant as it disintegrates the substance of your silicone realistic vagina.

Also, we’re not suggesting to use oil as it is difficult to clean and remove, whereas spitting may contaminate it.

Is it safe to use the artificial vagina in the tub?

If you’re using a basic pocket vagina, you can certainly use it inside the tub. You may also use it while you’re taking a shower, relaxing in the hot tub, or even while swimming in the lake.

Silicone makes a realistic vagina, suitable for underwater use, or even in a hot tub.

The scenario differs, though, if you’re using an electronic artificial vagina, whether that’s a battery-operated device or something that has to be connected into a wall socket.

It will not only ruin your device but also carry the risk for electrocution!

But, with the latest innovations, there are new blowjob toys that are created with safety mechanisms.

They are built specifically with just a slight amount of current so that their electrical parts are separated from the rest of the system, enabling you to enjoy yourself while immersed in water.

Are artificial vaginas safe?

Although artificial vaginas can act as a temporary remedy for being horny, concerns emerge as to whether they are completely safe.

The key is just how much you take good care of your artificial vaginas. You must make sure to keep them clean for the toy to last long, and won’t cause you any bruises or scrapes.

And don’t let anyone else use them, otherwise, you’re going to get what they have.

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