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Shower Enemas – Enjoy the Experience!
Keep an open mind. Butt plugs are not the only thing that is featured at Wicked Sex Toys. Our shop believes everything that enters or leaves the body deserves its category. Certainly, our anal sex toys are always tempting and seductive, but we also want to make sure you’re safe. In any other case, it would be impossible for you to experience the pleasure and joy of butt penetration and anal stimulation. Thus, we’ve added a few items that will ensure that you continue to have a good time.
In case you are already familiar with enemas, you won’t have any trouble with the shower enema kit. These kits function just like regular enemas. Instead of filling the fluids from a bag, shower enemas connect directly to the showerhead and draw water from there.

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The other difference is that while regular enemas can be used anywhere and are reusable, shower enemas must be performed in the shower due to the direct connection to the water supply. If you feel as though there is never enough water, there is no need to be concerned about it running out. You no longer have to refill your bag after running out. In a shower enema system, an unlimited supply of water awaits, so you can’t help feeling guilty about spoiling the experience. Despite the differences, they are both effective.

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What is a Shower Enema?

Cleaning one’s colon at home with a clean stream shower enema eliminates the need for a healthcare provider. Shower enemas are considered to be among the most cost-effective enemas, particularly for those who are regularly into anal play. This type involves connecting enema supplies to the shower, which makes periodic colon cleansing quick and easy.

The shower enema system does not involve the use of enema bags for pumping water into the colon, in contrast to other enema types. Water is only controlled by a pressure valve and nozzle tips are inserted into the rectum. Additionally, most kits come with extra tubes to make things as simple as possible. If the shower heads cannot be removed from the water source, a special adapter is required to connect the nozzles or tube.

Once it is assembled, enema flushes are surprisingly easy to use. Usually, a lubricant is used to insert the nozzle into the rectum. Turn on the shower knob and set the pressure to your comfort level. In the process of passing water through the tubing, faeces and other residues are removed from the colon. Remove the nozzle when the colon is about half full to make defecation easier.

Body-Safe Materials For Your Shower Kit

Because the rectum and colon of the body are designed to be cleaned and flushed out using a shower enema, our suppliers used materials that are safe for internal use in the hoses and nozzles. These materials are phthalate-free, free of potential rust, and considered to be harmless. To suit your preferences, nozzle sizes and shapes are available.

You can change and switch up the shower attachments of some models whenever you want. There are even models that allow you to adjust the intensity of the water flow, so you can choose how intense you want the water to be.

When it comes to douching, it is not meant to replace the naturally occurring process of sanitizing your body. Use this only before anal penetrations, as some butt plugs play. Come home to a relaxed playtime with one of our shower enemas.

Easy-to-use shower enema kits are the perfect way to get ready for amusing anal activities!

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Anal Shower Safety Tips

We don’t hear much about anal showers, and we don’t get a lot of chances to learn about them. This seems like a very handy tool for any fan of anal sex or toys. Before penetration, they ensure that the anus is as sterile and safe as possible. Additionally, this ensures that your devices are always clean, and removes any worries or fears, allowing you to live in the moment.

The anus is flushed with water, which is re-excreted. That way, nothing stands between you and a clean anal experience! You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles of showers. Even the initial application is pretty straightforward.

Anal showers are recommended as the first step in anal cleansing.

Rinse the shower to make sure it is clean after you remove it from the packaging. Put lukewarm water in the bellows. The best way to accomplish this is either to remove the tip and place it under the faucet or squeeze the bellows into a bucket of water so that the suction can fill the bladder.

Make sure you’re butt is ready for it!

Lubricant should be placed at the tip of the anal douche and your butt, and the jet should be guided carefully. The process is hygienic and clean when it is done over the toilet, angled so that it is easy to insert.

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Using the bellows of the shower, force water into the rectum once the nozzle has been inserted. You are gently cleansed and whatever is left on the lower portion of your rectum is removed with the water. By gently pressing the bellows to increase the water flow, the water will be introduced slowly and firmly. Slowly introduce the water to avoid overstimulation. A slow approach to anal cleaning makes the process more relaxing for many people.

Remove the shower gently and let the water sit in your body for a few minutes before you decide to expel it. The procedure should be repeated numerous times until the discharge is clear and free from debris. Flush the toilet once in a while to better determine this.

When you take an anal shower, make sure the water is clean. Using lukewarm water and checking the temperature before use is important for safety.

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Don’t rush into sex

Ensure optimal cleanliness by using the anal shower for more than 30 minutes before beginning the anal play. Allow your body to calm down before starting the anal play. Before you enter your bedroom, apply some anal lubricant and indulge in some anal foreplay there. Doing so will ensure you are in tip-top shape. Showers can interfere with the anus’ electrolyte balance. To prevent this, use analgesics first. If you want the shower tip to fit easily, you need to adjust your body angle. Immediately stop if you experience pain.