Satisfyer Pro Traveler

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Silicone / ABS



Size Imperial

Product Length: 3.75 inches

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Product length: 9.5 cm / Packaged: 6.5 x 12 x 6 cm



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Sometimes, long business trips or going on training from work can mean we will have to spend hours travelling and also be away from our partner for a long period of time. In the middle of all of these, there is every tendency we have the urge to fulfil our sexual needs.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a handy pressure wave vibrator which can help you achieve multiple orgasms via contactless stimulation. With this amazing sex toy, you can enjoy every bit of pressure wave from mild to intense whichever way you want it depending on your mood.

It comes with an easy to use control which enables you to adjust the intensity to your liking, making the experience as pleasant as possible for you. You need not be concerned about people around you observing your activities as the motor is extremely quiet, making you completely inconspicuous while you are enjoying it.

How to use the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

As with almost any electronic device, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler needs to be fully charged before use. This device comes with a USB magnetic charging cable. All you need do is to clip it to charge and then connect the other end to a source of power. You can charge with your PC but an AC source of power is usually recommended for fast charging.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is quite sleek and compact which means it has little or no space for too many function keys. There are two buttons at the base with the positive and negative signs. 

The two buttons are used to increase and decrease the intensity. Similarly, a two-second long press on the positive button turns it on and two seconds turns it off.

Benefits of using the Satisfyer Pro Traveler

  • It’s quite handy

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is sleek and compact designed to fit into even your purse. It is designed to always journey along with you.

  • Less noise

This amazing sex toy gives you the desired pleasure without making so much noise. This way you can be discreet while using it.

  • Contactless clitoral stimulation

This sex toy stimulates the clitoris via sending pressure waves hence there is no need for contact with the clitoris.

Enjoy heightened pleasure and a possibility of orgasm with its 11 vibration programme. You can also adjust the intensity easily depending on your mood. 

  • It is rechargeable

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler was designed to save you from the stress and cost of having to purchase batteries. Simply charge when it’s low and use it.

Do you have a need to travel for long and you are worried about what to do when you are in that mood? Satisfyer Pro Traveler has got you covered. 

Available on the Wicked Sex Toys store. Buy one or call to place an order today!

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