Marshmallow Willies

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140g, packaging 180mm x 138mm x 40mm



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Wanna Crunch on Some Willies?

Wrap your brains around these wicked but sweet Marshmallow Willies!

These pink marshmallows have a light sweet covering and are shaped like small willies. They make excellent cheeky adults’ gifts for individuals who enjoy sweets.

Whether you’re planning a hen party or a girls’ night indoors, these delicious adult surprises are the perfect tasty snack.

On a romantic night in, they may also be extremely provocative for you and your partner! These naughty snacks are entertaining and sassy presents.

But be warned: they’re so delicious that you’ll be addicted after just one taste!

If you’re searching for sweet adult presents, pick out a box of pink Marshmallow Willies!

Give a Gift of Willies

Soft and spongy, these edible tiny willies are not only good, but also fascinating.

They are ideal for popping in your mouth and melting away into nothing, leaving you delighted.

They’re especially delicious when dipped in hot chocolate, which adds an additional layer of slipperiness.

Each 10g package contains a generous portion of these tiny pink delights, making them great for sharing if you so choose. After all, some people prefer to keep their quirks to themselves.

Perfect for a wicked Secret Santa present or as a hen do treat. We adore these fantastic tiny willies. They’re not only delicious, but they’re also a lot of fun!

Purchase them today and provide your friends with a nice old-fashioned laugh as well as a willy that they can chew on!

Very Tiny, Very Delicate, And Quite Pleasant.

Perfect for hen parties and other events where a lot of penis-shaped food is required.

We know what you’re thinking – as penises go, they’re certainly tiny and soft. But add a little sugar to the mix, and you’ll get Marshmallow Willies that are out of this world.

Made of:

Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Humectant (Sorbitol), Gelling Agent (Gelatine, Pectin), Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Malic Acid), Flavourings, Colours (E120, E171).

Every marshmallow willie will tell you it was carefully handcrafted to be the perfect fluffy, chewy combination of sweet and naughty. Guaranteed to melt in your mouth just enough to make you feel soul-enraptured for minutes on end. This is one dough that won’t give up without a fight.

These tiny members are willy tasty and the perfect bite for nibbling or sharing with your buddies.

Try It Out Today

Who doesn’t love a good willy joke? When you’re planning your next party, don’t forget to include some delicious pink marshmallow willies.

Not only will it add some much-needed cock humour, but these marshmallow willies could also help you break the ice with anyone who may feel shy or awkward around others for any reason, which we all know is normal sometimes.

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