It is not a surprise that the butt is not the most hygienic region of the human body. However, there are methods by which you can properly clean yourself and expel all the impurities before engaging in some extreme anal fun time. The most reliable option and the perfect answer for your anal hygiene need are the Loving Joy Anal Douche.

These days a lot of people love to intensify their sexual adventures and anal sex has become a huge part of fulfilling sexual fantasies. The Loving Joy Anal Douche helps prevent unwanted mess during anal sex by cleaning your anal canal effortlessly.

Featuring a bulb that holds the water, and a nozzle that helps inject the fluid inside your anus, the Loving Joy Anal Douche, has a simple yet valuable design.

How to use the anal douche

To properly use the anal douche, you must follow a process that prevents pain or damage to the anus.

One important step to start with is a clean douche and nozzle to prevent bacteria infection.

Follow these simple steps when using the Loving Joy Anal Douche:

  • The content of your anus can be easily expelled if you stand in the bath or shower. You can also perform this step while standing over a toilet.
  • Standing with one leg raised against the toilet, or on the side of the tub or shower bench, will help you better access the anus.
  • After washing your hands and applying lubricant to your finger, insert the finger into your anus so that you can relax before inserting the nozzle.
  • Take a deep breath, gently press the nozzle against your anus, and then insert the nozzle slowly and gently.
  • The liquid will slowly squirt into you when you squeeze the douche bulb. Be careful not to release too much water at once by doing this slowly.
  • Let the liquid stay in your body for a few seconds and then let it out again.
  • Then, repeat the process until you can see clean water coming from the douche or until it is empty.
  • Clean yourself up by taking a bath or shower, and clean up the douche before storing it.

Note: To minimize irritation during use, make use of a generous amount of lubricant. Also, make sure the douching process is done at a very slow speed while inserting the nozzle, and stop as soon as you feel pain or notice bleeding.

Product Features:

  • A convenient and easy-to-use device
  • Just fill the bulb with water, screw the tip back on, insert, and squeeze
  • Keeps you feeling clean and tidy
  • Loving Joy Anal Douche 89 ml
  • Materials: Bulb: PVC, Nozzle: ABS
  • Size Metric: 13.5 x 6 cm
  • Power: None required
  • Colour: Red

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