When having anal intercourse, hygiene is a major concern – and it should be. Anal sex can be a shambles. It can be a tremendous mess even if you’re using a condom.

You might be asking how to clean yourself out before anal sex if you engage in anal play or bottoming. After all, this is something we weren’t taught in sex education and often have to figure out on our own.

The use of an anal douche is one of the many techniques to clean up, get comfortable, and feel secure before anal sex.

Many people prefer to anal douche before bottoming to ensure that they are completely clean.

Douching can also make people feel more at ease and calm before having anal intercourse since it helps to wash away any leftover faeces in the anal canal and rectum if done correctly.

So, with this Loving Joy Anal Douche, you will clean up well and feel as fresh as a daisy! Anal washing is essential for a pleasant and safe encounter.

Prepare for your big date night by giving yourself a full cleaning that will leave you feeling clean and tidy. The Loving Joy Anal Douche’s 89ml size makes it great to bring along for any occasion – whether it’s for a special event while on vacation, a naughty weekend escape, or a visit to your local gay sauna, the Loving Joy Anal Douche will be the right tool to attain optimal hygiene and comfort.

The squeeze bulb holds up to 89 millilitres of liquid, and the rounded tip of the nozzle makes insertion simple. This douche will prepare you for wild bedroom exploits so you can forget about your concerns and inhibitions. It is suitable for any form of solo or partnered fulfilment and is really unisex.

The Loving Joy Anal Douche makes douching less painful, so cleaning up is a snap!

Features and Benefits

  • Classic douche
  • Holds 89ml of water
  • Easy to use anal douche
  • Removable Tip
  • Nozzle with rounded tip for easy insertion
  • Great for cleansing and hygiene before anal sex
  • Provides peace of mind during anal play
  • Made from PVC and ABS plastic

Ready to Buy?

This Loving Joy Anal Douche can help you maintain your anal cleanliness. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be douching in no time. Simply fill the bulb with water, attach the nozzle, and deliver your enema. The robust material, which can be rubbed and washed after use, makes cleanup a breeze.

So why not place your order with us today? Wicked Sex Toys sex toy shop sells this Loving Joy Anal Douche 89ml Black at a great price now. Shop with us and we will deliver your goods discreetly packaged to your location anywhere within the UK.

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