Glyde Ultra Vegan Condoms 10 Pack

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Natural rubber latex


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Size Imperial

Product Length: 7 inches, Width: 2 inches / Packaged: 5 x 1 x 3 inches + hanger 1 inch

Size Metric

Product Length: 18 cm, Width: 5.3 cm / Packaged: 13.3 x 2.5 x 8 cm + hanger 3 cm



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Glyde produces and distributes vegan condoms of the highest quality. It was the first vegan condom to be produced using thistle extract instead of the dairy derivative casein.

The condoms are paraben-free, dairy-free, glycerin-free, talc-free, nonoxynol-9-free, and talc-free. 100% composition is even possible with the plant-based product.

Vegan condoms from Glyde are made with the best natural latex and to the most exacting standards. Its double-dipping quality creates a super-slim, ultra-thin sheath while strengthening the condom.

There are other condom brands that are marketed as naked or nude. The thickness of a condom is measured in microns. Microns are 1/10000th of a millimetre. A microscopic difference will not affect sensation but may affect strength. Glyde condoms are 55 microns thin, but they do not compromise strength.

Due to the double washing process, no unpleasant latex rubber flavour or smell is generated.

The production adheres to the principles of minimalism and the packaging is made of recycled cardboard and vegetable inks. Cellophane and plastic are never used.

  • Condoms made from vegan ingredients
  • A gel-like substance
  • Dimensions: Average. A 190mm long and 53mm wide ULTRA.
  • Number of units: 10 Brand: Glyde


Exactly what was described

Excellent product. My skin does not burn when I use it, as is the case with other latex ones. Feels very strong to me. It is definitely something I recommend.

  • Ann

These condoms are the best I have ever used!

It’s very thin, very durable, and it feels great. Don’t look anywhere else!

  • Jon

Better than the rest!

Nothing to complain about. They are better than the commercial brands my boyfriend has tried. They are vegan, and they are reasonably priced, so I bought them again.

  • Sussie

Get Your Glyde Ultra Vegan Condoms 10 Pack from Wicked Sex Toys

They are made of a natural material, making them eco-friendly! Featuring a length of 200mm, a width of 60mm, and a thickness of 0.062mm, these condoms are extra-large. Featuring natural colour and no flavour, these premium vegan condoms are straight and teat-ended.

Each silicon-lubricated condom comes packaged in a square package, and is spermicide-free, giving you and your partner greater peace of mind.

With Glyde Vegan Condoms, you’ll enjoy as much comfort, pleasure and functionality as conventional condoms. As well as being environmentally friendly, vegan condoms are also suitable for people with a Casein allergy. Order now from Wicked Sex Toys.

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