Bound to Please Strap Spanking Paddle

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Size Imperial

Product Length: 11 inches, Diameter: 1.75 inches

Size Metric

Product Length: 28 cm, Diameter: 4.5 cm



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There is a need for toys that will limit the bruising and soreness of impact play. The Bound to Please line has just released their Strap Spanking Paddle, great for hitting asses, backs, breasts, thighs and more. Made from comfortable leather with elastic cuffs at the end, this toy is designed to give you a firm hit without leaving marks or welts.

Inspired by the discipline of heavy floggers and whips to make it more user friendly, the Strap Spanking Paddle won’t leave those big red bruises but instead cause a solid sting that will bring you both pleasure. Whether using it on yourself or your partner, this toy is perfect for striking without harm. Here are some product features of this spanking paddle;

Two Strap Spanking Paddle for a Spanking Sound Of Your Dreams

No more bland spanking, with the shiny surface of the Bound to Please Strap Spanking Paddle, you can deliver a spanking sound that is sure to please. If you’re into the aspects of BDSM, then look no further than the Bound to Please Strap Spanking Paddle. The right tool makes all the difference. This Bound to Please Strap Spanking Paddle will let you give your spanking fantasies an immediate boost, because when it comes to the level of pain that’s suited to each individual, experimentation is key.

Wrist Wrap for Grip And Storage

The proud owner of a Bound to Please Strap Spanking Paddle, can travel easily with this elegant spanking / erotic paddle. The paddle folds securely and compactly in two, for travel in your luggage. It has the 10 inch (25cm) long special wrist strap for carrying the paddle discreetly in your hand bag or luggage. The bound to please strap spanking paddle sex toy is a beautiful gift, usable at home or on vacation- just bring it with you!

Made From Eco-Friendly Materials

Bound to please strap spanking paddle sex toy is eco-friendly and made from silicone, a hypoallergenic material. It consists of soft, yet durable silicone, and is the ideal spanking paddle for anyone interested in introducing a paddle into their BDSM / bedroom play.

Unlike other floggers and paddles, it’s also adjustable to everyone’s preference. It helps you strike harder spanks with less effort, reduces stress on your wrist while intensely stimulating your play partner. So now you can do it just how they like it!

Wicked Sex Toys Sells High Grade Bound to Please Strap Spanking Paddle

Make an impression. People forget what you say, but they will remember how you make them feel. Reinvigorate your relationship or turn up the heat in your marriage with some spankin’ new paddle from Wicked Sex Toys. Call 08001957474 now to place your order or simply fill this online form.

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