Bound to Please Love Slapper Paddle

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Size Imperial

Product Length: 12.25 inches, Diameter: 3 inches

Size Metric

Product Length: 31 cm, Diameter: 8 cm



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The Bound to Please Love Slapper Paddle is a heart-shaped, vegan leather paddle with a striking surface. This heart-themed toy is great for beginners and designed to provide lots of light, sensual sensations at a medium intensity level.

At 12″ long, it’s specifically designed for long, slow strokes that deliver a hot stinging sensation. The rounded edge means it won’t leave marks on the skin and the wrist wrap ensures heightened control. The handle is finished in black and also includes an imprinted wrist wrap for added safety and comfort.

Available in different sizes, this beautiful paddle has convenient wrist straps to prevent drops and excite play, while making your play space easily accessible. Tails rotate to create an intense tickling sensation that will leave you begging for more!

Your Love Slapper Paddle will be delivered to you in its own storage bag and includes a full instruction manual.

Why Use the Bound to Please Love Slapper Paddle?

  • Delivers deep thud sensation felt throughout the body

Slapper paddles are great for paddlers wanting to deepen the sensation delivered by a paddle. This slapper paddle is wide, which makes it great for lighter spanks and low-intensity spanking. It’s a product that anyone can use safely when beginners are seeking more of a sting from each strike.

  • Easy to clean and hygienic

The Bound to Please Love Slapper is waterproof in its storage case, which makes it very easy to clean and keeps it hygienic. The Love Slapper gives a real sting to your play, whether you are playing alone or with someone else.

  • Two different sides enable different sensations

Turn your love life on its head with the Bound to Please Love Slapper Paddle. Featuring a heart-shaped paddle and ergonomic handle, this paddle provides an intense spanking experience with two different striking surfaces: one for a soft impact and one for a more intense thwack! The wrist wrap and sturdy construction ensure safe play.

  • Availability of storage loop for easy hanging with other BDSM gear

Bound to Please Love Slapper Paddle is a great gift for BDSM lovers. It has a heart-shaped wrist wrap with a black vegan leather paddle with a striking surface of safe storage. The product contains a basket handle which provides a good grip to enjoy paddling.


  • Padded vegan leather paddle
  • Multiple hearts cut out to leave an imprint
  • Wrist wrap for grip and storage
  • Strike surface: 6 x 3 inches/15 x 8 cm

More Information

  • Materials: Leather
  • Power: None Required
  • Size Imperial: Product Length: 12.25 inches, Diameter: 3 inches
  • Size Metric: Product Length: 31 cm, Diameter: 8 cm

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Customers Reviews

“This is the first paddle I have ever owned and I am in love with it. It’s super cute and made of leather instead of the traditional wood so it just looks cool in my collection. The heart-shaped holes make it light but not too light. It can easily be customised to fit your taste and because of its material, it is very versatile.”

– Jessica

“Excellent paddle. The leather is firm and the heart shape is great to follow certain curves! It is perfect for a soft warm-up or if you want to give more of a sting. The colour is great and the design certainly adds to the appeal of the product. I would recommend this for anyone that wants a nice paddle that you can use lightly or harder than softer paddles.”

– Nancy

“I really love this paddle. There is just the right amount of sting to this bad-boy! The paddle itself is incredibly attractive and craftily designed. It’s nice for my boyfriend to have something that I love so much but we both want to share together as well. This is just one more fun way to add spice and excitement to our lives together.”

– Justin

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