Bound to Please Heavy Duty Nipple Clamp

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15 x 1.5 inch

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38 x 4 cm



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If you like your nipple play, this is the accessory for you! With precision, these quality clamps adjust easily and fluidly to suit any mood or desire. An attached metal chain also allows for tugging, teasing, and sensory exploration. 

Precision intensity adjustments are possible with this quality, adjustable press clamps. The silver chain connecting the links also adds sensory stimulation to the skin when it comes into contact.

Why choose Bound to Please Heavy Duty Nipple Clamp?

The feeling of having your nipples pinched is pretty satisfying, don’t you think? Are you looking forward to your partner biting your nipples while you play? You just might fall in love with this adorable sex toy

Besides being sexy, the Bound to Please Heavy Duty Nipple Clamp is practical as well. These clamps are highly adjustable, so you can place them exactly where and how you like them.

Things to know

  • Heavy-duty vice style nipple clamps from Bound to Please
  • The screw-pin allows for customized pinching sensations
  • A great option for newbies and seasoned bondage veterans
  • Easily adjustable
  • Metal chains bind them together

How to get maximum satisfaction from Bound to Please Heavy Duty Nipple Clamp

For maximum and intense satisfaction, begin by pinching your finger to increase awareness of the pinching sensation. Next, try placing the clamps above or below your nipples before wrapping them around them directly. 

If you are familiar with the power of the clamp, you can carefully move it into the position you desire without pinching too much. Play with a partner or yourself, respectively, if the clamp can be adjusted to the desired strength.

Whenever you want an explosion of orgasms, or if you need an extra push, release the clamps. You may either remove the clamps completely or gently put them back on once you feel the ease of orgasm.

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This heavy-duty Nipple Clamp from Bound to Please allows you to experience Wicked Play to its fullest. You can enjoy as much sexual pleasure as possible by using this product. Isn’t it time to act? Buy now!

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