Bound to Please Glans Ring – 30mm

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Stainless Steel


None Required

Size Imperial

1.3 inch width

Size Metric

33mm width



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This stainless steel glans ring improves sexual performance by enhancing penile feelings and making sex or foreplay more stimulating and satisfying for both partners. The simple and appealing design, which resembles penis jewellery but does not require piercing, looks amazing and is simple to wear.

This ring is designed to assist persons who struggle to sustain an erection or have a physical penile disability by maintaining blood flow to the penis.

This ring might offer you a bigger and harder boner that lasts longer, even if you have no trouble getting erect. Some do it for the aesthetics, while others do it for the experience.

The ring is worn around the penis’s glans (head), generating an alluring sensation of slight pressure against the frenulum. This causes overwhelming waves of stimulation, keeping you incredibly aroused and leading to intense orgasms.

Another benefit of the glans ring is that it helps a man’s sexual partner. Increased stimulation, a harder erection, and a stronger penis will benefit both the wearer and his companion. This functioning cock ring is more than just a cool piece of jewellery – it hits all the right points and makes sex more exciting.

The stainless steel design is durable and provides a secure grip, achieving the ideal blend of comfort and excitement. Try it for yourself and feel the rush of pleasure and satisfaction.

It’s thrilling to wear as the small steel bead pushes up against the frenulum, providing an intense sexual stimulation that you’ll want to repeat. With a 30mm width, this magnificent item from Bound to Please promises amazing benefits.

While conventional cock rings can be used as glans rings on occasion, it’s strongly recommended that you use specifically made weighted glans rings like this one.

They’re designed to fit comfortably under the penis head. Buying a unique glans ring also makes finding the perfect fit much easier. This is why it’s better to look for glans rings developed specifically for this purpose, rather than wearing normal cock rings on the penis (down the shaft, around the balls, etc.)

Features and Benefits

  • Rigid stainless steel penis glans ring
  • Metal ball to put pressure on frenulum and glans
  • Smooth seamless finish
  • Inner diameter 30mm
  • Waterproof

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While putting on and taking off this ring needs some practice, the results are far superior to other types of glans rings. Metal glans rings are made to deliver maximum stimulation while also being comfortable to wear. Why don’t you try it out for yourself right now? Place your order at Wicked Sex Toys sex toy store now and we’ll have it delivered to your UK address as quickly as possible with your goods discreetly packaged.

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