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With its carefully handcrafted design, the Bound to Please flogger is the perfect tool for experiencing sensual pleasure, from light tickles to hard smacks. Give in to your desires. Turn the key, give yourself over to pleasure.

Bound to Please is a 100% leather flogger that is flexible yet firm enough to deliver a stingy sensation on your partner’s body. It has a sturdy handle for easy handling, a wrist strap for easy carrying, and the tails are thin and soft for alternative sensations.

Bound to Please Flogger offers an end-to-end impact that others can’t touch. Created from genuine leather, every use brings a sensual experience unlike any other. Crafted for quality, this flogger is certainly the top choice, getting the job done without causing any pain.

With a total length of 55 cm, heavyweight leather to reduce seams and chafing, the Bound to Please flogger is a solidly built implement that will hold up to years of punishment. This is a single tail thud style flogger, so it does not have any sting or bite to it.

Simply put, Bound to Please is quite possibly the best flogger you’ll ever use. We’ve thought of everything when designing this new flogger. It comes with a new handle that has an ergonomic shape that virtually eliminates any hand fatigue during long sessions.

Customize your flogger falls to create a sensation that’s just right for you. Easily swap out a single individual tassel or add more falls to achieve varying sensations and intensity levels.

With a flogger, it’s all in the wrist. A light-weight instrument of pleasurable pain, this multi-tails piece will have a serious sting when wielded delicately but feels sensual and soothing if used with care. The long, flat falls are ideal for beginners to impact play, as they caress, flutter, and tease.

Whether you are new to BDSM or an experienced player, the Bound to Please flogger is ideal for anyone looking for a simple and cost-effective instrument. Crafted using PU leather, the flogger is designed to easily mix pain with pleasure. With roughly 40 falls to create a nice stingy slap, this flogger comes in a classic black colour that will complement any playroom or dungeon.’

Benefits and features:

  • Easy to use.
  • It can last for years.
  • Comes with a total length of 55cm (including the handle which is 14 cm).
  • The handle is designed to eliminate any hand fatigue during long sessions.
  • Made with the beginner in mind.
  • Features 40 falls.
  • Made from leather.
  • It’s light-weight.
  • Does not contain animal products making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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