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Take Advantage of Silicone Penis Sleeves!

The products we provide to men are premium penis sleeves and extensions. All of our products are made with silicone that is skin-friendly, so irritation isn’t a concern. Additionally, several different colours and levels of firmness are available to fit your specific requirements. 

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Also, our sleeves provide easy cleaning and easy storage, ensuring that your personal belongings are stored with the utmost care. You can get back to your real self by wearing our soft silicone penis sleeves, by wearing them, intimacy can be restored. The perfect fit is out there, whether you need to get more confident or get closer to someone. 

If you purchase one of the silicone penis sleeves here at Wicked Sex Toys, you can be assured that it will be of excellent quality and will be comfortable to wear. The team at Wicked Sex Toys has the best water-based lubricant as well as penis sleeves and a penis extension. Visit us today to learn more and receive your order in discreet packaging!

Silicone Penis Sleeves: What Are They?

The latest toy a man has at his disposal is a silicone penis sleeve. As far as appearance goes, this type of silicone sex toy is similar to a dildo. Penis sleeves are hollow and perforated inward, allowing the wearer to fit his entire penis inside. Thus, the penis is stretched out or expanded by a couple of centimetres.

The penis sleeve is therefore an affordable alternative to pricey medical procedures. The silicone penis sleeves are available in many different external sizes, colours, and textures.

How Do Silicone Penis Sleeves Work?

Using a penis sleeve, the penis expands in external size. Have trouble prolonging your erection, ejaculating prematurely, or just want to get your lover going? All these situations can be solved by a penis sleeve. They are as follows:

Issues with erection

Men who have trouble sustaining an erection can benefit from a penis sleeve to promote sexual recovery. As your penis loses firmness, you can keep penetrating using a penis sleeve. Although it may be difficult at first, your partner will soon see the benefits after spending a lot of time together! Also available is a penis sleeve with a pressing effect that does not allow blood to escape while maintaining hardness.

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Less quickly to orgasm

You can continue to have an erection much longer with most penis sleeves since there is less stimulation. By reducing the speed of orgasm, you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of sex for a longer period!

Some penis sleeves attach with a stretchy strap behind the balls, allowing them to be pushed back. The orgasm will also be delayed. At the moment of cumming, the balls pull toward the body. Now that these are secured, you take considerably longer to come. Penis sleeves can therefore prove useful when you are ejaculating too rapidly.

Wearer gets extra stimulation

When you have a big and thick penis, it’s unlikely your partner will feel shortchanged. Wearing a sleeve lets you feel less for yourself. It is also possible to purchase a penis sleeve with a powerful internal structure.

The glans can also be enlarged by using penis enlargers with a hole at the end of the sleeves. Also available in our collection are penis sleeves that feature vibrations that men will find appealing. A sleeve with a butt plug would also be great. Several options are available!

Bonus perks

It is also used to provide extra stimulation during masturbation or penetration. The man does not experience any difficulties with erections or ejaculating too rapidly. The purpose of this type of toy can also be to provide extra stimulation. Men and women can choose from a variety of sleeves that do more than just enlarge or lengthen the penis. You can add an extra dimension to your sexual life by using a penis extender.

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Providing her with additional stimuli

Women benefit from their partner’s longer and thicker penis, for instance. Additionally, penis sleeves provide targeted stimulation for the clitoris and G-spot to provide women with maximum benefit! Our selection includes sleeves with a wide range of textures. There is more friction during sex due to the waves, ridges, and studding. A lot of these toys vibrate as well.


Does using a silicone penis sleeve add the length of the penis?

Penis sleeves have an allowance for adding up to three inches to your penis length, so theoretically, yes. This, however, does not increase the size of the penis.

Is ED treated using a silicone penis sleeve?

The penis sleeve is one of the best non-surgical strategies available for engaging in sexual activity with your partner despite having an erectile dysfunction problem. Although it can be used as a placebo, additional treatment may be needed to resolve the problem.

Is a penis sleeve a sex toy?

Generally, yes. Also, it is used at times to relieve erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation among some people. This decreases sensitivity so that you can ejaculate for a longer time.

What is it like to have sex with a silicone penis extender or sleeve?

Many users achieved deeper penetration of the vaginal region through the use of the device. The sleeves make everything seem very real.

The penis sleeves may well feel too thick and the material too tough for a man to feel much sensation. Be sure to select the right size! Don’t hurt your lover!