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Jiggle balls are one of the best sex toys invented in recent years. If it wasn’t for E. L. James, nobody would ever have heard of them. If you have not tried jiggle balls, you are truly missing out. Like in Fifty Shades Darker, these little guys are going to make your sexual life more exciting!
Fifty Shades of Grey popularized “jiggle balls” among women. They are one of the best-selling pleasure toys in history, and many women claim them as a mainstay in their sex toy collection. We’re talking about a scene in the movie, so if you’ve seen the film, you know what we’re talking about. If not, get ready to enjoy the scene.

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What Are Jiggle Balls?

Pelvic floor exercises are beneficial for women of any age, and Jiggle Balls can help you to strengthen your pelvic floor more efficiently. They’re also known as Kegel Balls, or “Ben Wa Balls”, which help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, reducing urinary incontinence and enhancing your sexual experience.

You can strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and the vaginal wall with these little, round weights. Despite being classified as sex toys, they’re a bit different from the rest since, while they’ll help you have a better orgasm, their ultimate function is a strengthening exercise for your pelvic floor muscles.

Prompt treatment can prevent lifelong sexual difficulties.

Orgasm and urination are controlled by a muscle known as Pubococcygeus. When this muscle becomes loose over time, it results in less control over the body. The key to Kegel exercise is contraction and release, not just prolonged clenching of the pelvic floor. Strengthening the muscles in your PC with Jiggle Balls is much more efficient than doing it on your own. Jiggle Balls induce more effective toning of PC muscles, just as weights do for arm muscles.

Due to this, orgasms appear more intense.

There’s nothing simpler than these little devices to tighten up your vagina and make sex that little bit more fun.

What Is The Best Way To Use Jiggle Balls?

The process is rather straightforward – order online, insert the device and carry on as usual. It’s that simple. Although inserting jiggle balls into your vagina may seem strange at first, you soon become accustomed to it.

Initially,, you might do this automatically, but after you have placed the Jiggle Balls in your vaginal canal, engage your PC muscle to move them upward and downward. While this may seem strange at first, your pelvic floor will become stronger over time and this will become easier.

A range of styles and designs are available for jiggle balls. It’s best to use Jiggle Balls with tapered heads and cords attached for beginners.

A ball without a cord might be a good idea for people with strong pelvic floors. These beads feature balls with different weights which can be worn in a harness or by themselves inside the vaginal canal. Using your PC muscles, try moving the ball around once it’s been inserted, the same as with corded Jiggle Balls.

If you are new to Kegel exercises, you may want to practice with Jiggle Balls while you sit with your legs together. Squatting or standing are advanced positions when using Jiggle Balls.

Using jiggle balls encourages active clenching movements to build a strong pelvic floor subconsciously. The weights are held in by your body without you having to concentrate on them.

Strengthening your muscles before sex leads to more intense sensations, and if you use the balls right before sex, not only will you be more sexually stimulated, but also your blood flow and the flow of fluid will improve.

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Inserting Jiggle Balls

Apply liberal amounts of lube before getting in position. That way, the Jiggle balls will slide in without discomfort.

Once the lubricant has been applied, follow these steps:

  • It is often more comfortable to lie down in a stretched-out position.
  • Ensure the first ball is inserted smoothly and slowly.
  • The Kegel balls usually come with a plastic or string attachment, which you should also insert into your vagina.
  • As soon as the string is inserted, place the second ball carefully into your vaginal canal.
  • Feel free to insert the balls further into your vagina. If your balls have removal strings or loops, make certain not to tuck them in with the rest of the balls.
  • As you go about your day, tighten the muscles of your pelvic floor to get a better grip on your Jiggle balls.

Ideally, the balls should be snug within your vaginal canal. You may need to gently push them deeper into the vaginal opening if you feel like they’re about to fall out.

Having the balls inside is a different experience for everyone. It generally feels tingly and subtle. As you move, the sensation usually gets stronger, such as when you move, bend over, or reach for something.

Solo Sexual Pleasures

The way jiggle balls are used differs from how sex toys are traditionally used.

You can certainly move them inside and outside your vagina, but you may find it more intense to keep them inside.

It enhances your enjoyment of every aspect of your sexual experience, including touching your clitoris and experiencing your thighs’ sweet spots.

Fantasy also helps your mind to shut down, an important component of the female orgasm.

Start by placing your Jiggle balls inside your vaginal canal while you squeeze your pelvic muscles. You can then explore your body as you become eroticized and well-lubricated.

Put your Jiggle balls in, then grab your favourite vibrating device. When you squeeze, move the vibrator around the opening and the clitoris.

As Part Of Partnered Play

The Jiggle balls will allow you and your partner to increase your sensitivity during vaginal sex.

Put them in at the start of the night or start with insertion in a lengthy foreplay session. If the balls stay in longer, you will be more aroused when the big event arrives.

Remember to pull out your balls before allowing your partner or your other toy to enter.

Discovering Jiggle Balls

  • Prepare for a jiggling sensation
  • Once inside the body, the balls ‘jiggle’, hence their name. Most of these products have controls that allow you to choose how much jiggling you want.

  • Orgasmic ecstasy
  • When you have sex, the arousal builds up until you experience an orgasm of extreme intensity.

  • G-spot stimulation
  • Weights are embedded in these love balls, which move as you rotate, thereby stimulating the g-spot for discreet stimulation.

  • A rumbling vibrations
  • With the weighted balls vibrating gently, you can carry on with your daily activities with no one noticing.

  • Feel good about your pelvic floor
  • By strengthening and toning the reproductive muscles, jiggle balls help improve sexual performance.

  • Thrilling
  • Sexual response includes arousal — the sense of physical awakening in both the body and the mind — which is then followed by desire.

    Research suggests that it is a turn-on for partners as well…

Jiggle Balls FAQs

What is it like to wear jiggle balls?

The G-spot is located in the front of the vagina and stimulating this produces an intensely pleasurable sensation. Wearing these jiggle balls for a few hours at a time will start to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

The most surprising and delightful part of wearing jiggle balls is how much fun you have walking down the street or sitting in an aeroplane seat… without even noticing by anyone.

Make Intense Orgasms Happen More Often!

Are jiggle balls effective?

With enough practice and the right kind of effort, Jiggle Balls can help you strengthen your PC muscle, thus, increasing your sexual prowess.

Don’t be embarrassed if you need some help with this part of your fitness routine. It takes time, practice and a lot of patience to become good at Kegel Exercises. But once you do get the hang of them, you’ll never want to stop doing them!

Alternatively, you can use products that provide exercise instructions that indicate when you need to contract your PC muscles.

With these pleasure balls, the harder you squeeze, the more intense the exercise becomes, helping you to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

Kegel exercises are an important part of your daily routine. They should become a part of every aspect of your life. Doing them while brushing your teeth, talking on the phone or even while doing the dishes will ensure they stay a part of your life forever.

How can jiggle balls benefit you?

Using jiggle balls for kegel exercise is a very effective way to strengthen the muscles in your genital area, helping to prevent or delay the onset of incontinence in women. It also increases the intensity of female orgasms for better sexual pleasure.

In men, these orgasm balls help to prolong ejaculation, enhance your erection, and give you better and longer orgasms.

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