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Would you want to offer your partner mind-blowing orgasms? A vibrating wand massager is a perfect all-round vibrator plus body massager. Its strong vibrations send the most extreme orgasm ever!
The wand massager is the foundation of every impressive set of sex toys. You’ll never want to consider anything else until you use it! These awesome wand massagers will spice up your relationship by inducing a clit sensation.

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What Is A Wand Massager?

A wand massager device refers to a particular form of a vibrator. It can be used as an overall body massager or for focused intensified moments in your private areas. This is the gold standard of erotic toys! It has a long, generally cylindrical handle with a larger round ball at the end. The ball is connected to the motor and therefore is capable of pulsating at varying speeds. The girthy head provides all-around clitoris stimulation without needing to do a lot of maneuvers. It’s a discreet, non-phallic, great toy to use alone or with a partner.

What Other Names Used For Wand Massagers?

The official title of this design is the wand vibrator. It’s also been recognized as a clitoral vibrator, external vibrator, including personal massager because of its original intent before even being marketed as a sex toy.

What Are The Benefits of Wand Massagers?

  • Wand massagers got intense vibrational strength. All the movements and vibrations are centered in this massager’s head for a lot of strong, rumbling intensity in a specific spot.
  • The shape makes it incredibly convenient to use, with a handle to hold on when you’re satisfying yourself.
  • This sex toy lets you concentrate on your clit, the most sensitive part of your body, in a manner that no other dildo or vibrator can do.
  • A wonderful warm-up to sex. It’s specifically great for women who just want to unwind and de-stress before they get in the groove.
  • The relentless development of the wand massager validates it as an iconic sex toy. The newest installment of the toy has a body-safe head made out of silicone, a more versatile head, and revamped control buttons.

Wand Massagers Safe Cleaning

  • What most people do is place a big condom over the head of a wand massager and remove it after every use. This is especially helpful if you’re using a lubricant with the wand massager that tends to leave the head sticky.
  • One of the simplest and most cost-efficient ways to disinfect a wand massager is to wash it off using a warm soapy cloth after you use it to prevent some dirt build-up. Use a gentle, non-scented hand soap. Completely disregard soaps with oils or moisturizers that could deteriorate the toy. Afterward, wipe the massager’s head in a circular motion for a minute to ensure that the head is clean and safe for later use.
  • Another simple way is to spray using a toy cleaner upon its surface and wipe everything off after.

Wand Massagers Safe Storage

Before storing your wand massagers, it is important to clean them completely and allow them to dry properly. Doing so would be necessary to prevent mold growth. It’s not advisable to hide the sexy stuff under the mattress. This puts so much pressure on the toys, and objects with moving pieces, in particular, are in great danger of being destroyed. Also, we should not advocate placing toys randomly inside the drawers, since they might accumulate dust and dirt.

You can store your wand massager in a sealable bag; airtight container bags, make-up bags, and even dust bags function better. Once enclosed, lock your favorite toys in a cool, dark area. Maintain your storage area dry, clean, and similar to room temp if necessary to avoid mold and bacteria from developing while your toys are not used.

If you have a selection of sex toys, it is preferred that you put your wand together with the other toys.
All will be kept secure and enable you to easily remember where your wand massager is, so it will always be there ready whenever you need it.

Watch for signs she’s close to climaxing, such as a subtle deepening in the color of her labia caused by increased bloodflow. Or rest a hand on her stomach and feel for the muscular contractions that immediately precede her orgasm.

Best Positions For Wand Massager Play


Your wand massager will certainly heat this go-to sex position! Slide down the wand between you and your partner, holding your wand like you would when masturbating on your butt. You can make out with your partner while concentrating on balancing internal and external stimuli.


This is the sort of position that looks significantly hot. Lie beside each other and interconnect your legs, each rubbing against the surface of the wand. A rechargeable wand massager helps you to roll around without stressing about the cord.

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This is nice to get the large wand where it has to go. Have your partner penetrate you with either their cock, fingers, or another sex toy from behind. A wand is great for doggy style, and you’ll get to ride it while your partner drives you.


This works extremely well for same-sex partners. Place your back against a stack of pillows much like a queen, take the wand and press it to your clitoris while your partner puts their tongue on the remaining portion of your vagina. The pressure of the toy will bring down the entire pelvic floor as well as the inner clitoris, leading in an intense orgasm.


Can a wand massager be used for deep tissue massage?

This could be utilized in other areas of the body, such as the shoulders, belly, or at the back. Owing to its strong vibrations, it helps to reduce stress and tension.

What kinds of lube can be used with the wand massagers?

You may use a variety of different forms of lubricant for your wand massager. Water-based or oil-based lubricants may work according to your tastes. Water-based lube is smoother and thinner, whereas oil-based lube is more sticky with a syrup consistency. Take note to only use water-based lubes specifically on your wand massager’s silicone head. The application of silicone lubricants can cause a deterioration of your silicone wand massager and its functions, and it may invalidate the warranty.

Can you use the wand massager in anal play?

A full-size wand massager should not be used on your butt. They are deemed to be way too large for anal use and, may cause injuries or damage to the anal area. Mini wand massagers, which are designed specifically for internal usage, could be inserted anally and may also penetrate and stimulate the prostate simultaneously. Always ensure you’ll penetrate gently, use a lot of lubricants, and then use your fingers to spread yourself out in advance and make sure it goes smoothly!

Can men enjoy using wand massagers?

Wand massagers work for everybody, which is why matchy couple sets are becoming incredibly popular! Although wand massagers were originally intended to be used mainly by women, it seems that men can also enjoy experimenting with them! The rotating ball that stimulates the clitoris may also be used to trigger the highly sensitive penis head or even the balls.