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When you’re in a playful, sexy mood, but there isn’t a guy in sight, what’s the best option? Reach for one of these realistic vibrator sex toys from Wicked Sex Toys’ premium vibe collection. Designed to feel and look like the real deal, realistic vibrators are convenient to use and readily accessible in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them an ideal first sex toy for newbies. These fantastic devices are great to keep you occupied if you’re horny and itching for some action, including all the bulges and vibrations you’d expect to find on an actual penis.

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All of our Realistic Vibrator Sex Toys are exceptional, by now you are not only used towards a certain level of precision, but also with the unmatched sensation experience that follows. If you’re searching for something sturdy and versatile, we’ve got a lot of realistic dildos you could choose from. When you’re aiming for a real man’s sensual feel, Wicked Sex Toys’ collection of realistic vibrators features designs that appear and feel like a natural penis, enabling you to masturbate with your ideal man in mind.

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Browse our selection of best realistic vibrators to pick one that’s the right size to satisfy your erotic dream! Our range of realistic vibrators is conventionally shaped and with pleasant skin texture, they look so similar to the real thing that you would think it was an actual penis. Some of the realistic vibrators in our collection also feature balls for added real effect, while others could also heat around 45 ° Celsius if you’d like to experience the warm skin internally or during temperature play. They’re the ideal replacement when your partner isn’t present. Don’t forget to choose the one with a suction-based toy for hands-free play.

At Wicked Sex Toys, we’re offering you Realistic Vibrator Sex Toys proving that we value our customers! Shop now at Wicked Sex Toys to reach a new degree of sexual pleasure!

What Are Realistic Vibrator Sex Toys?

Realistic vibrators range from a subtle phallic design to a highly articulated model of an actual penis, based on your taste, you may decide on the degree of realism that best suits you. These special vibrators deliver the best experience: the fun sensations of a high-quality vibrator, with the appearance and size of a real penis, stimulating the vagina, the G-spot, and the butt. If you’re seeking stimulation that’s fast and easy with much less effort than physical stimulation, these realistic vibrators are the solution you’re searching for.

They are mainly crafted from an elastic yet sturdy material such as a skin-safe rubber. Many of these are veined to provide a textured feeling, while some have a suction base to mount them on a flat and hard surface. Most realistic vibrators showcase prominent glans, seamless testicles, and a veined shaft to mimic a real penis, offering full pleasure.

A very common device, some realistic vibrators are equipped with only one vibration mode, while others have various forms of vibration speed, frequency, and movement. These vibrators are USB rechargeable or battery-powered, and can also be quickly cleaned after usage.

How To Use A Realistic Vibrator?

Realistic vibrators are enjoyable to play with, whether for solo play or during partnered sessions. They’re great for clitoral stimulation, and it can be more exciting to let your partner take over. Then if your realistic device is waterproof, you can take it along in the tub for some erotic play.

Realistic looking penis toys have a dick’s head and a sex toy’s vibration. Just let it buzz around your throat, between your breasts, nipples, hips, thighs, somewhere around each sensitive body part to experience the next level of gratification and pleasure. You may also thrust this realistic vibe in and out of your vagina, or bottom, depending on your preference, for a mind-blowing orgasm.

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For a realistic encounter and optimum performance, you need to ensure that you are aware of the specifications, features, and maintenance details of the vibrator you are using. If you are going to use a lube with your vibrator, never combine silicone lube with a silicone sex toy. If you’re uncertain of the composition of your vibe, using water-based lubricant is generally preferred.

Realistic Dildo Vibrators’ Materials

The most frequently used materials that make up realistic vibrators are ABS, jelly, silicone, plastic, nylon, leather, PVC, including Cyberskin. Yet the perfect material for realistic vibrators is known to be Cyberskin, or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), the most life-like substance available today. It is one of the primary realistic sex toy materials utilized to create the feel and texture of human skin. The material is so elastic and soft allowing the shaft to enter the vagina easily, offering a calming and pleasant feeling.

Jelly rubber is another common material used for creating realistic vibrators, as it is known to be very identical to the standard penis skin. They’re fantastic as they acclimatize to your temperature, keeping the experience indisputably realistic! While the realistic vibrators built from leather or nylon establish a more fetish-like sensation and are typically used by lesbians as well as BDSM partners.

Lastly, realistic silicone vibrators are also mainly promoted because they are generally safe for the body, phthalate-free & non-porous. Maybe not as natural as TPE, the silicone vibrators are odorless, tasteless, and are built to last for a lifetime!

For realistic vibrators, it does not matter what kind of material they’re designed from, as they still provide the greatest pleasure and the same sensation of actual sex.

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Advantages of Realistic Vibrators

  • They’re natural and familiar, much like a human penis.
  • As these toys continue to grow with the degree of realism that producers can attain, eventually you probably wouldn’t be able to discern the differences between your favourite sex toy and the actual penis.
  • Many of the realistic vibrators are flexible or bent just in the best way to reach the G-spot, letting you achieve much more sexual satisfaction with a little vibration.
  • These life-like, pulsing vibrators offer you the length and thick size you desire from a toy.
  • It is a sturdy and durable sex device designed to provide life-like pleasures from engaging in sexual activity with a guy.


What makes realistic vibrators different from other variety of vibrators?

A vibrating dildo feels and looks natural because of its distinct life-like designs of the head including the shaft. The texture of the skin, the veins, and the bulbous glans all add to a compelling natural appearance.

Does a realistic vibrator truly feel like a penis?

They’re structurally accurate, having identical veins and head you’re going to find on a real penis, strong enough to turn you on while you are in the mood.

Can I hurt myself by using it?

As long as you follow safety measures, there is no cause for worry. Every sex toy that Wicked Sex Toys sells meets established performance criteria and are built from innovative materials that are thoroughly checked for the safety of your body. It also helps to use sufficient lube.

Can I use a realistic vibrator with my partner?

As long as you follow safety measures, there is no cause for worry. Every sex toy that Wicked Sex Toys sells meets established performance criteria and are built from innovative materials that are thoroughly checked for the safety of your body. It also helps to use sufficient lube.

Are realistic vibrators warm or cold?

Silicone, jelly, and Cyberskin will spontaneously warm-up through friction or skin contact. They can easily achieve a similar temperature of the skin, or maybe even a bit hotter. Meanwhile, metal and glass will continue to be naturally cool to the touch, unless they have been heated via artificial methods, like covering them in warm sheets or immersing them in hot water.

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