Mates Ultra Thin Condoms 9 Pack

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latex rubber


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Packaged: 2.5 x 4.9 x 1.45 inches

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Packaged: 6.3 x 12.4 x 3.7 cm



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In need of a sleek fit condom for more sensitivity and sexual pleasure? What’s better than a condom with a great feeling? 

Mates ultra-thin condom comes with a very thin feeling. These nine Ultra Thin condoms are some of the slimmest condoms available. Made of thin and flexible material, they won’t interfere with foreplay or lovemaking. These condoms are perfect for sensitive areas like the outer lips and the head of the penis.

The Ultra-Thin condoms will never break. It has a sleek design that is comfortable and discrete.

Made with a special formula of natural rubber latex, they are made to last longer and last better than a condom made of synthetic material.

Why Buy Mates Ultra Thin Condoms?

For a more pleasurable experience, Ultra-Thin Condoms are:

  •  Latex-safe, which means they are not hazardous for sensitive skin. 

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Odour-free

  • Made from FDA-approved materials, including silicone lubricant, glycerin, and water.

  • Extra thin, which provides a better sensation.

  • Fitting is simple.

Enjoy an easy fit and extra sensitivity

Enjoy an easy fit and extra sensitivity with this awesome condom, specially designed for easy application, with a soft silicone skin. It features an inner designed to mould and seal against the skin for an ultimate feel. A great option for couples seeking extra security.

If looking for a thin condom to spice up your bedroom fun, this range of ultra-thin condoms can be used with any kind of sex play. Ultra-Thin condoms are perfect for your first time and can be used with all types of sex.

Do not use this condom more than once.

The thinner, the better

The ultimate condom is the Mates ultra-thin condom. The thinness of this condom is both ideal and extremely pleasurable. They are the best of both worlds, being thin and sensitive enough to give extreme pleasure and satisfaction.

It is time to please your partner!

This condom is a lot thinner and more comfortable than your usual condom. It is a latex condom for an ultra-thin sensation, which provides you with the best ultra-thin protection, safe and effective. 

You will never feel any kind of discomfort when using the condom because it is made from a soft material. The condom is also easy to fit on your penis because it is flexible, it stretches easily and there is no slipping or uncomfortable feeling. 

It does not stick to your partner’s body, so there is no fear of it getting removed during intercourse. All you need to do is put it on.

It is the perfect thin condom for men of its size.

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