Glyde Ultra Super Max Vegan Condoms 10 Pack

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Size Imperial

Product Length: 7.9 inches, Width: 2.3 inches / Packaged: 5 x 1 x 3 inches + hanger 1 inch

Size Metric

Product Length: 20 cm, Width: 6 cm / Packaged: 13.3 x 2.5 x 8 cm + hanger 3 cm



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Glyde Ultra SuperMAX condoms provide a generous amount of room without compromising sensations or performance. Smooth and transparent, these condoms have no harmful chemicals and are completely vegan-friendly. They are plastic-free and contain no plastic smell.

Its reservoir tip is lubricated and 60mm wide, which has a sensational feeling of smoothness and silkiness that all lovers will appreciate.


Using only recycled cardboard and vegetable ink, this product is 100 per cent compostable. In addition, the following features are present:

  • Nominal width: 60mm
  • Length: 200mm
  • Thickness: 0.062mm
  • Glyde condoms are dairy-free, glycerin-free, paraben-free
  • The 100% plant-based product can even be composted. 
  • Boxes are made with 100% recycled cardboard and vegetable inks.


This condom gives you a perfect fit so that you can enjoy your pleasure partner with no worries! This Glyde ultra supermax condom will feel and taste absolutely delicious next to your partner’s skin and will give them a sweet sensation also.

As they are thinner than human hair and super durable, you are assured of great results every time. Not only should you feel great, but your partner should as well. Additionally, this product comes with the following benefits;

  • Natural colour 
  • No flavour
  • Standard shape with a teat end
  • Lubricated


We looked through tens of brands to find condoms that are vegan, healthy (with no nasties), and comfortable to use. We are so happy to have found these! I highly recommend it. It comes at a reasonable price as well. (Anonymous)

I like condoms. Despite not looking super thin, I think it doesn’t make any difference in how I feel whether I wear it or not. Nevertheless, if you do not get very wet, use a lubricant. (Anonymous)

We will buy them again and enjoy them safely. They are cheaper than other brands that aren’t vegan. (Anonymous)

Why Buy Our Glyde Ultra Super Max Vegan Condoms 10 Pack

Glyde Ultra super max vegan Condoms are manufactured only with the best natural latex and to the most exacting standards. 

Glyde patented, the exclusive double-dipping process ensures these condoms are exceptionally strong without adding an extra layer, resulting in a thin, superfine sheath. 

Glyde condoms are in fact one of the thinnest and most comfortable condoms in the market today. Because Glyde condoms contain no animal byproducts, they are the perfect sexual health product for vegans. Visit Wicked Sex Toys to purchase this product. Don’t miss out on this great condom!

Buy Now and Be Safe!

Please note that these boxes are not marked FDA Certified and so selling in the USA or Canada is prohibited.

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