Chocolate Body Pen

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milk chocolate


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Size Imperial

Tube Length: 4 inches, Diameter: 0.70 inches

Size Metric

Tube Length: 11 cm, Diameter: 1.8 cm



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Using chocolate body paint is extremely messy and unpleasant to taste, and you generally spend more time scrubbing it off your partner’s body than you would have fun with it.

But not with this delectable delicacy, since not only is the Chocolate Body Pen delightful to eat, but it’s also a joy to use on your body!

Once the pen’s body is gently squeezed, delicious chocolate body paint is released, which you may use to paint whatever you like on your lover’s skin.

This romantic artwork tool provides a plethora of possibilities for pleasure in your bedroom at your fingertips! Use it to draw love hearts or arrows on your lover’s back, or write anything on their back and get them to guess what you’re writing about.

Did they get the answer right? You take a sumptuous lick and see where it takes you.

What happens if they get it wrong? I’m confident that you’ll come up with something…

Sweeten Things Up In The Bedroom

With this chocolate Body Pen, those of you who feel the urge to sweeten things up a bit in the bedroom may now do so in the most literal sense possible.

This edible Body Pen, which is made of chocolate, allows you to write almost everything and anything you can possibly desire on your significant other’s body. Naturally, you will have the pleasure of licking it off at some point as well.

With our chocolate-flavoured pen, you can get your point through in the bedroom. Draw or write on your partner’s body, and then lick the traces away!

This chocolate Body Pen is a must-have item for those who want to spice up their bedroom shenanigans with a little colour.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth In An Erotic Way

Utilising the pens is a lovely method to write interesting notes that are only visible to your spouse! Once the evidence has been read, it must be destroyed. Do this in the most delectable manner possible by sucking it off gently and sensually! Avoid getting carried away, or your spouse may force you to eat your own words!

Significant Product Features

  •         Body Pen made with edible chocolate
  •         Enhance the atmosphere in the bedroom
  •         Write anything you want – after all, no one else will read it.

Each pack contains one chocolate-flavoured liquid that is both tasty and convenient to apply.

Looking For A Romantic Gift For Your Partner?

Body chocolate is an excellent romantic present, as well as a considerate, yet naughty, wedding or anniversary gift.

Employ this as a pen to create words, symbols, or other artistic creations; the rest is up to you… Lickety-split it and adore it all over.

Perfect for amplifying your bedroom shenanigans, this chocolate Body Pen is a must-have item.

Buy now on Wicked Sex Toys and have some fun!!

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