Bound to Please Silicone Riding Crop

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Looking for how to explore your freaky side? Why not try out bound to please silicon riding crop.

This beautiful silicone riding crop will give you a nice sting. This riding crop is a great way to round out your impact play set. 

It is small, discreet, and most importantly, effective. The conventional silicone tip delivers a powerful and precise sting that will leave your companion wanting more.

Add to your BDSM Collection

Riding crops are one of the most popular additions to impact and sensation games. Riding crops can also be used during BDSM sessions ranging from moderate to intense, erotic role-playing, or power exchange.

The Bound to Please Silicone Riding Crop is ideal for both newcomers and seasoned impact players. 

This riding crop will provide exquisite pleasure and agony. If you’re on the receiving end of the stick, enjoy the experience, and if you’re the one in charge, enjoy the control.

How to Use Bound To Please Silicone Riding Crop

As with other impact devices, you’ll want to think about safety before slamming this riding crop into your partner. While paddles are very simple and difficult to misinterpret, a riding crop hit is significantly more difficult.

To correctly use a riding crop on your sexual partner without causing non-erotic pain, some practice is essential. While some people love normal riding crops, the majority of people prefer crops that are specifically created for sexual stimulation. 

The louder the “swoosh” when the crop cuts through the air, the thinner the crop will be. It’s a sound that almost everyone likes.

The tag-like end should be the source of the hit. It should produce a distinct noise if struck properly. 

Striking with the area just below the tip (as opposed to the attachment point of the shaft) can be exceedingly stinging and painful. 

Make sure you practice with the crop to learn how to use it. Try striking yourself to feel the difference in sensations when you strike the wrong locations by accident. You should always be aware of the amount of sensation you are providing to your spouse.

Cleaning this riding crop is as simple as rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for vegetarians and for those with an aversion to leather
  • Ideal for impact play beginners
  • Flexible shaft makes for satisfying sting after spanking
  • Total length: 41cm/16″ and Total Width: 5.5cm/2.16″

Ready to Buy?

This beautifully crafted Bound to Please Silicone Riding Crop won’t take the sting out of your play session. Its definitely going to be a big addition to your sex toy collections if you are a BDSM lover. 

Why not place your order today with Wicked Sex Toys sex toy store? We sell Bound to Please Silicone Riding Crop at a great price now. We can deliver to your location within the UK, with your product arriving to you in discreet packaging.

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