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Sexy Lingerie Stockings To Elevate Your Seduction To The Next Level
You can’t go wrong with sexy thigh highs to catch your partner’s eye. The sexiest selection of lingerie stockings is right here at Wicked Sex Toys. We offer everything from fishnets to some seriously sexy thigh highs. Getting into some lingerie stockings isn’t dependent on anything or anyone.
You can pair stockings and thigh highs with anything to make your night more exciting or to get you into the spirit no matter the special occasions. We offer a perfect fit stocking and thigh-high collection at Wicked Sex Toys. Check out our selection of stay-ups, crotchless suspenders, tights, plus more!

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Search for an ideal pair of pantyhose or thigh-highs to add to your collection of women‘s stockings today. Choose from a wide selection of brands, colours, sizes, and styles. You can be sure that Wicked Sex Toys shop takes discreet shipping seriously. Dress in some sexy stockings today for a night of pure pleasure!

Stockings For Women With Different Types Of Sexiness

Tempt your partner in sexy stockings. Our collection of fashion hosiery includes fishnet stockings, lacy hold-ups, and nylon seamed hosiery. Shop our show-stopping line of designer hosiery, available in lace, sheer, and opaque styles, available in a variety of colours and patterns to match any lingerie collection.

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Pick your favourite ladies clothing hosiery from our extensive selection at Wicked Sex Toys and pamper your legs. Whether you choose naughty fishnet stockings worn with sexy thongs to impress, or stunning lace stockings to accentuate your legs, they will instantly make any outfit sexier.

The style of a suspender belt and stockings will take you anywhere. Also available are garters and stay-up stockings.

Fishnet Stockings

If you want to make an impression, choose gorgeous navy fishnet tights, or stunning fishnet and sheer hold-ups. Shop now! Wear fishnet tights or stockings to give yourself an instant sexy vibe, or keep it simple with a set of hold-ups and heels for a seductive look.

Seamed Stockings

Our sexy back seamed stockings are available in transparent opaque or foxy fishnet fabrics, making you feel like a retro diva. Our wide selection of stylish hosiery, hold-ups, and colourful tights will make your legs look great. Coloured opaque stockings will highlight your legs and add a splash of colour to any outfit. With hold-up and back seam stockings, you can add a touch of glamour to your legs, and heel stockings can make your legs appear longer and more sculpted.

Hold Up Stockings

When you don’t want to wear a suspender belt, hold-ups are a great hosiery option. We offer a variety of hold-up style stockings that are discreet and stay up, allowing you to reveal them at your leisure. The collection of hold-ups we stock includes traditional black seamed hold-ups or an edgy fishnet hold-up for a striking look.

With our open-toe hold-ups, you can showcase your beautiful toes throughout summer, while opaque hold-ups provide an extra layer of warmth and concealment for winter while remaining chic and sophisticated.


If you put on tights, you’ll instantly turn an ordinary outfit into something remarkable with a splash of colour and some pattern. Our collection includes teasing models such as classic fishnets and naughty crotches that can be worn under casual workwear or a business suit.

Make a statement in stylish striped tights, rock a leopard print pair or wear fishnet tights underneath your dress to teasingly show your partner. Choosing the right style, such as our suspender pantyhose made of sheer or fishnet, is a guaranteed way to make your lover fall in love with you!

Sexy Socks

If you’re shopping for lingerie, socks may not be at the top of your mind, but don’t ignore their seductive powers. You’ll be the centre of attention and your toes will be cherished with anklets featuring ruffled chiffon, tassels, and playful prints to showcase your legs while wearing your most fashionable heels.

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Feel dainty and stylish from head to toe in chic ankle socks in black, red, or white, or pair them with stunning thigh-highs or knee-highs for a sensual lingerie look. No matter what style you prefer, we have the right socks for your feet, whether you prefer sheer, lace, or fishnet socks.

Find your perfect pair of stockings!

Lingerie hosiery that reaches the thigh is certainly sexy. Garters and other gartered lingerie can be attached to these straps with stiff uppers, or the uppers may be adorned with delicate lacy details for an added feminine touch. Make sure to include lace top thigh highs on your to-buy list if you’re thinking of getting married!

“Stay-ups” are 3/4 length sexy tights that feature a silicone gripper band around the top. No garters needed! Additionally, your legs might appear longer and more slender if you wear sexy stockings that have seams behind them. Dots, fishnet patterns, and embellishments are also in style.

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As part of the lingerie stockings category, you will also find sheer crotch stockings, along with lace-ups that come with garters attached. Our site is filled with captivating lingerie and hosiery styles to excite your senses, so come back often to see what’s new. Get free shipping on purchases of certain items!

There’s nothing better than wearing sexy stockings for a night of fun!

Lingerie Stockings FAQs

Why do people wear thigh-high stockings?

It is sometimes preferable to wear thigh highs than pantyhose due to the growth of bacteria from moist and warm groin areas. It is popular to wear thigh highs because of the style, and there is no evidence of suspenders through skirts and dresses.

Do stockings last long?

Your ability to maintain sexy stockings determines how long they will last. Hosiery will last a long time if it is hand washed and air-dried.

Should stockings go all the way up?

The traditional way of wearing stockings is with suspender belts to prevent the stockings from falling down. Stockings typically reach just above the knee or mid-thigh. Frequently sold alongside hold-ups, suspender belts are not necessary.

What is the best way to wear staying up stockings?

They should be rolled on. Be careful not to pull the fabric as this can cause it to stretch and cause the pants to slip. Make sure your legs are dry. Your pants will stay in place if your legs are dry. Do not use oils on your legs. Keep your legs dry by avoiding lotions. Lastly, make sure they are cleaned.

What are some ways to make my daytime outfit look sexy at night wearing thigh highs?

With a pencil skirt and black thigh highs, you can turn your daytime look into a sexy nighttime look.

Can these thigh highs be machine washed?

If you do this, you should wash them in cold water. Please wash your underwear in a gentle cycle and separate it from other delicate items if possible. The silicone in the thigh highs will melt if you put them in the dryer. Instead, air dry your thigh highs.

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