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Wicked Sex Toys’ curvy lingerie collection exudes sexiness and confidence through its lace, harness detailing, and colour palette. Embrace your curves with luscious fabrics, eye-catching details, and flattering styles ranging from 38B to 44H. Whether you’re dressing for work or going out, we have a selection of women’s lingerie and plus size lingerie perfect for everyday wear. Our plus size sexy lingerie range will transform your working week into something you look forward to, with a sultry lace curvy lingerie set that makes you feel fabulous.
In addition, we have basic bras that are made to support your chest and back every day. We have a variety of styles and sizes in our Wicked Sex Toys category shop bras, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit. There are gorgeous sets you can pair together, and our slimming shapewear is designed to slim your figure so that you look flawless at all times. Whatever style you’re after, our range of UK plus size lingerie is here to support.

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Plus Size Bras

We have plus size bras that keep you covered regularly! Don’t forget to wear our stylish women’s bras wherever you are, no matter where you are. It’s one thing to wear a bra. It’s another to feel comfortable wearing it.

If you need something that looks great and fits well, we’ve got plenty of plus size bra styles to choose from, which we’re sure you will love as well. From sizes 28-58 and cup sizes A-L, you can find something that fits all breast shapes and sizes. There are too many styles from our collections such as lacy items, printed items, and embellished items.

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Curvy Women’s Knickers

In a nutshell, knickers, thongs and shorts are a staple of every woman’s wardrobe, and these basics just got a seasonal update. It’s one thing to wear something every day, but it’s another thing to feel good in it. With our plus size knickers, you’ll feel special daily. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, it’s everyday essentials to wear knickers that not only look great but feel even better, so make sure you shop here. Our range of ladies’ knickers features everything from ladies’ lace to classic cotton.

Plus Size Babydolls and Basques

With our flirtatious and enticing collection of baby dolls and basques, you’ll be able to show off your style as you please. Whether you’re into flowing babydoll dresses or elegant basque corsets, our plus size lingerie caters to every taste. Embrace your inner fierce with sultry sleepwear you’ll love. Consider fabrics that are luxuriously soft and fit with your body shape in mind. Whether you want a sexy chemise or an eye-catching lingerie bodysuit, discover the right style for you among the latest pieces. Don’t be afraid to show off your style in one of this season’s top looks.

Curvy Loungewear

Our latest range of plus size loungewear will have you never wanting to leave the house. Whether you’re playing outside, watching TV or relaxing at home on your day off, there’s plus-size loungewear set to suit your needs. Whether you choose comfy loungewear sets or stylish picks in hues and prints, there will be something for everyone. This stylish version combines cosy fleece and smooth stretch jerseys to ensure you stay comfortable in style. No matter what your preference is, this season’s top priority is to unwind in style.

Plus Size Shapewear For Curvy Women

With our amazing shapewear collection, you can wear your favourite dresses with confidence. The underwear enhances your curves, smooths your shape and enhances your natural figure, so enhance your curves by wearing the shape-fitting underwear. The control underwear that smooths the lines under your jeans or adds a little extra shape under a dress is ideal for you because it holds you in all the right spots. Dress your best to show off your figure with the most special outfit. Forget saving! Check out our huge selection of shapewear here on our website.

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Extra Large Lingerie Nightwear

Whether you’re getting home from work or slipping into something more comfortable after a long day, our women‘s nightwear and loungewear collections are sure to please. No matter what your tastes are, this collection has everything you need for plus size nightwear, whether it’s silky and sultry or cosy and comfy. We offer a range of elegant PJs, women‘s nightwear, and comfy robes. All you need is some slippers to complete the look. Our comfortable loungewear will keep you looking great as well as keep you comfortable. No matter what you do at home, watching TV or making dinner, you should feel great for the entire time.

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Curvy Women’s Hosiery

Shop our collection of hosiery for women to create the perfect look. Choose from stockings, sexy socks, tights, suspenders, and more suited to any style. Our collection of plus size hosiery adds details you need while working with your curves, no matter what you’re wearing. Dress up an LBD with some dark black tights, or pair a dress with ankle boots and black tights. With lace hold-ups and fishnets, the latest collection is filled with the hosiery that finishes an outfit with the tiniest bit of flair.

Want to wear a pair of cosy socks at home in the cold weather? How about lining boots with sexy socks? There is something for every occasion here, and you can also get multipacks if one pair won’t be enough. Our plus size shop offers a wide selection of plus size hosiery this season, ranging from fancy socks to loose-fitting styles.

Sex is momentary, and sex is transcendent. That’s the paradox. The most intense physical sharing we experience with another person is gone in a matter of minutes. And yet, it connects us with a larger energy, a life force. Real, authentic intimacy leaves behind an inner glow that warms every aspect of our lives. Sex reminds us of our limitations and our expansiveness as humans. We are alone, and we are together.

Want Sexy Plus Size Lingerie?

You needn’t worry, Wicked Sex Toys plus size shop has got you covered with the hottest plus size lingerie on the market. The perfect fit for your curves, our sexy styles are guaranteed to have you flirting all night long and fulfilling your playful promises. You don’t need to save our sexy plus size lingerie for special occasions. You can wear it every day. Whatever your style, we have what you need to enhance your looks to perfection, including sheer bodysuits and exquisite matching sets. Shop with us for the best possible shopping experience!

Curvy Lingerie FAQs

How do I get my wife’s lingerie the right size?

Look in your spouse’s closet before you head to the store without her knowledge. If possible, take a picture of the label of her bra and note down what items she likes and what her size is. Be sure to check the size of several items since brands and styles differ slightly in size.

Do plus-size bras exist that are both attractive and functional?

Having a bra that’s both stylish and functional doesn’t have to be difficult for larger busted women. As important as having good fitting and supporting lingerie is, it is just as important to have it look good. Ultimately, when you are confident inside, you want to show that confidence outside as well. This is exactly what Wicked Sex Toys bras do. These bras are designed specifically for women with large bust measurements and are made of lace and breathable fabrics. The bra provides adequate support for your breasts while leaving you feeling sexy and confident. Our bras feature cutting-edge technology, including hot melting technology, foam cup design, as well as double-layered sides and padded straps. Combined, these technologies make for a comfortable bra that is sleek, comfortable, and slim throughout the day.

How do women determine their correct bra size? What is the most common mistake they make?

Plus-size women tend to make the mistake of choosing bras that have a too-small cup size, followed by choosing too large a band size. Make sure you buy bras tailored to your specific measurements.

How can I best take care of my bras?

Whether you have an underwire or a soft cup bra, the right bra care is crucial. Always follow the care instructions on the garment. Generally, the garment should be hand washable and line dried. To ensure that your bras wear evenly, you should also switch them around.

What is the ideal number of pairs of plus size underwear I should own?

Around twenty to twenty-five pairs of underwear is usually enough for most people to last three weeks. You may run out of garments entirely if one pair tears a seam, and you have to wash them too often.

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