TENGA Wavy Egg Shaped Male Masturbator

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2.2" x 2.75"

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53mm x 70mm



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Which came first? The chicken or the egg? When you get your hands on this Tenga Wavy Egg, it’ll be you. Within the egg, you’ll find a silicone masturbator and a lubricant sachet.

The Tenga eggs are stretchy single-use masturbators (that can be used several times if used with a condom) housed in a discreet premium egg-shape style. Each one has a unique interior structure design; this one features rippled waves.

The super stretchy material allows for a range of stimulation methods that are comfortable for any penis size, from small to large. The sleeve has a rounded end that covers the penis entirely.

Once you’ve cracked it open and removed the tiny lube tube, squeeze the lube from the provided packet (or your own preferred lube) into the soft pouch’s entry. Knead and squish around the outside to ensure the lube spreads around and covers the entire inside.

If you just do a little gentle twisting and squeezing before putting it on, you won’t need to lube yourself first. It can naturally glide when small quantities of lube from the inside of the Egg make contact with the tip of your penis.

In fact, one of the best things about this Tenga Wavy Eggs is that if you’re careful, you can complete the entire process—from start to finish—without having any lube (or the mess at the end) on your hands, which is especially useful if you’re using a phone or laptop.

Some product features of this Tenga Egg Male Masturbator includes;

  • Stretchable – One size fits all
  • Compact, discreet, portable
  • Customers’ hygiene is ensured by its one-time usage design.
  • Waves of stimulation
  • Multiple layers of wavy ribs offer a constant ecstasy-inducing feeling, much as the mother ocean’s waves lap onto the shores. These ribs’ big, soft edges move all over your shaft, producing an unimaginable stimulus that makes you tremble.
  • Super stretch sensation for men
  • Each of these distinct EGGs contains a super stretchable elastomer that expands dramatically for a snug fit, regardless of your penis size.
  • Free lubricant included

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