TENGA Double Hole

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Two toys in one that you can use at the same time.

Looking for a male masturbator that can bring out the kink in you? Then you must try Tenga Double Hole. 

Tenga Double Hole Cup was designed in Japan using cutting-edge technology and boasts a double-canal structure that provides different sensations from either side.

The Tenga Double Hole male masturbator has a dual-canal configuration that provides various sensations (anal and vaginal) from either side.

You can use the holes independently or together.

The Bitter or anal side provides a powerful constriction, whereas the Sweet or vaginal side gently wraps around your penis.

You can use both sides and experience the distinct sensations; it’s also great for group pleasure.

Made from quality materials and FDA approved

Tenga double hole is a unique sex toy that has two openings which means you can alternate between the two openings in order to have a unique and intense pleasure.  

It is best used in a standing position in order to stimulate the man’s prostate and his penis.

Tenga double hole has a unique design to offer you the most intense pleasure and the best orgasm. It is made from the highest quality silicone and is FDA approved. This means your safety is guaranteed with its use.

The Tenga Double Hole is made of soft, velvety material, and it has a smooth, slick surface. It is easy to use and it is recommended for all men who want a bigger, better experience with sex. This toy is available in a wide variety of colours and it comes with a warranty.

How to Use the Tenga Double Hole

The Tenga Double Hole is designed for men who want a better experience with masturbation. It is made of silicone, which is a soft material that does not hurt while in use. It is also easy to clean and can be used for a long period of time. This is an amazing sex toy that can be used in the shower or in bed.

To use, place the Tenga Double Hole over the penis and gently pull the penis through the opening. Once the penis is inside, squeeze the two openings together and you’ll feel two different sensations simultaneously.

You can move this sex toy in a circular motion to stimulate the opening in your penis. The Tenga Double Hole is best used in a standing position as this will help stimulate your prostate. You can also choose to do it while in the shower or in bed, choose whichever one best suits you.

It is recommended that a lubricant be used with this sex toy. The lubricant can be water-based, silicone based or a combination of the two.

Get Tenga Double Hole

Masturbating with your hand can sometimes come with pain or bruise and will still deny you the sensations that come with the vagina or the anus. This is why you need The Tenga Double Hole.

Get the Tenga Double today and have the same feeling as vagina sex or anal sex. Its two openings can provide amazing sensations. Alternating between the sides simultaneously can transport you to another level of pleasure.

Order yours today here on Wicked Sex Toys.

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