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As a man, have you been wondering how you can satisfy your partner for longer during sex? Do you have a premature ejaculation problem? Or do you want to improve your stamina during sex

If you long for answers to any of these questions, then the Stud Stallion Prolong Cream is definitely for you. To achieve desired delayed orgasms, the Stud Stallion Prolong Cream is the ideal solution. 

Stud Stallion Prolong Cream is able to reach the receptors that control ejaculation by diffusing into the penile tissue. The lotion will inhibit ejaculation by suppressing the activity of these nerves. 

By delaying the sensitivity of neurons responsible for ejaculation, the individual is able to last longer, providing themselves and their partners with more pleasure for longer periods. It is recommended that the cream be administered to the penis at least 10 minutes before commencing intercourse for optimal results. 

Make premature ejaculation a thing of the past using the Stud Stallion Prolong Cream, it will definitely ensure that your erections last for longer. The Stud Stallion Prolong Cream helps provide long-lasting performance that will have your partner completely exhausted after an exhilarating, orgasmic and extended bout of sexual intercourse.  

This timing allows for the substance to be properly absorbed in order for it to have a full effect on the penis. It also guarantees that no cream residue remains on the skin, preventing numbness from being passed to your partner. 

Users of the Stud Stallion Prolong Cream have all reported lasting about three times as long as they normally do during sexual intercourse. Many have also reported have experienced explosive orgasms and an exhilarating climax. 

How to use

The Stud Stallion Prolong Cream is not only effective but also very easy to use. To use, put a pea-sized quantity to the head of the penis and gently massage it in for 10 minutes before intercourse. 

You may also modify the amount of the cream applied to your personal tastes and sensitivity levels. Depending on the quantity used, the cream’s effects could last up to 60 minutes. 

To clean up is simple, using water to rinse is enough. Using water washes it off completely and leaves behind no residue.

The major ingredient used in the preparation of the Stud Stallion Prolong Cream is Benzocaine, a local anaesthetic that works by temporarily numbing nerves.

Used in medical procedures, benzocaine’s numbing agent is not harmful and will not sting when applied. It is used to numb the skin or mucous membrane for various procedures. It is safe for skin contact and also very effective in numbing sensations which delay or prolong ejaculation.


  • Prolonged sexual intercourse
  • No more premature ejaculation
  • safe for skin contact 
  • Easy to use
  • Explosive orgasms

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