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Adding more glitz and glamour in order to spice up your sexual activities doesn’t always have to be about the use of dildos or vibrators and all other sex toys.

There is no doubt the use of sex toys add more fun and excitement to your sexual life but have you thought about teasing her with some games which can actually reveal more sexual activities you both can engage in? This way you get to know a lot more about your partner’s sexual fantasies and also what she will love to do more with you during those special moments. 

Sex! card games can be used to bring about fun and excitement in the bedroom. Each card distinctly shows either a foreplay activity or a sexual activity or position. With the use of these sex! cards, you and your partner can explore some of the millions of fantasies out there. After which you both can act out these fantasies hence building a special bond between you two and also a long-lasting relationship.

How to Use the Sex! Card Game 

This game is designed to be played by couples. To make it even more fun, you can decide to turn the lights down and probably light some candles. 

Reduce the tension that might be building up especially if this is your first time trying this out by playing your favourite music. You need plenty of time and a private place to play this game and it is also meant to be played slowly. Get ready for a few hours of teasing, playfulness and pleasure.

Each sex card explicitly illustrates either a foreplay activity or a sexual position.

While playing one of the three card games you and your lover use the cards to plan out one of the 100 000 possible fantasies.

After building a fantasy you get to play it out together.

Great fun for loving couples!


As in every other games, the Sex! Card games has their own rules. These rules are specially designed to add more fun to the game. Do well to follow all of the laid down rules.

Enjoy the game and try to make the best use of your time.

Benefits of Using the Sex! Card Games

There are immesne benefits to gain from the use of the Sex! Card Game some of which are:

It helps to improve your relationship

The sex! Card Game helps to spice your relationship as you will get to know more about your partner during this game and also how crazy she is about you! It also helps improve sexual health and create amazing sexy moments! 

Helps to spice up the mood

Get the mood and environment tenser with the use of the Sex! Card Game. Just in case you don’t know what to do on that special night, these cards can come to your rescue. It has various options and different categories to try out. 

Knowing so much about your partner can help you build that very special bond with them. With the Sex! Card Game can help you achieve this and more. Get one today on Wicked Sex Toys and enjoy all its amazing features.

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