Pasante Unique Non Latex Condoms

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AT-10 synthetic resin


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180mm x 60mm

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Unique Pasante condoms are thin condoms constructed from ultra-thin AT-10 synthetic resin. Unique condoms can be used with oil-based lubricants, unlike latex condoms. The teat-ends are parallel and transparent.

Designed with a transparent easy-to-see shape, Unique non-latex condoms are just like our regular condoms, only more comfortable!

Usage: The thick part will contact your woman’s genitals. You might need to use a lube with this condom to make the condom more comfortable.

How to open: The package will appear dry after opening, so you need to apply a little water and leave for about 2 minutes. You can now enjoy.

How to put it on: When putting the condom on you may have to hold it in one hand while twisting and turning to put it on. Then you are ready to enjoy.

Re-use: Yes, the condom will remain in good shape, so you can put it back and use it again.

Spermicidal: No

Do not use with silicone, latex or gel condoms. Do not use with a partner who is allergic or sensitive, or who has an active sexually transmitted disease.

  • Contains 12 condoms
  • Non-spermicidal lubricated
  • Non-latex
  • Able to reduce risk of pregnancy and HIV and AIDS through regular use with adequate lubrication
  • CE marked
  • Transparent and parallel
  • Made with super thin layer of latex
  • Teat-ended condoms
  • Contains no animal-derived ingredients
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Minimum length: 170mm
  • Approximately 60mm wide

Instructions for use:

  • Do not swallow or inhale
  • Open pack
  • Wash hands with soap and water before sexual activity
  • Do not apply pressure while removing
  • Close condom before removing the lubricating ring
  • When not in use, keep it in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.
  • If the package is ruptured while unrolling, discard the condom.

When using thin condoms (like Pasante Unique), you can apply lube, massage and fuck with the condom on. You also need to be careful to slide out the condom when you reach the base of your penis. When you remove the condom, carefully pull out the thick part, then slide out the thin part carefully. This condom can last 3 to 4 hours in this situation. 

The condom is made from ultra-thin layer of latex, so it does not need to be disposed of after use. When you remove this condom with a condom cleaner, the condom will remain in good shape. You can then use it again.

Be sure to use the lube which you feel the most comfortable with when you use this condom.


* Wash the genitalia before putting this condom on.

* Do not smoke at the time of use, since smoking weakens the genitalia.

* Apply a condom before inserting it in the vagina.

* It is not recommended to put the condom on your penis while your partner is on top of you.

* This condom is easy to use and will not break due to the fact it is made from ultra-thin layer of latex.

*This product is not intended for use with spermicidal contraception.


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