Pasante King Size Condoms-12 pack

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latex rubber


None Required

Size Imperial

Length 7.87" x Width 2.36"

Size Metric

Length 200mm x Width 60mm



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Like men, condoms come in different sizes. Your comfort level while wearing the condom will increase if the condom is the correct size. In spite of the fact that latex condoms are incredibly stretchy, if you have a too-small condom, you may still experience‌ ‌discomfort. Not‌ ‌to‌ ‌mention,there ‌is‌ ‌an increased risk of the condom breaking.

A Pasante King Condom is significantly larger than other large condoms. Condoms of this size provide extra comfort for those who find regular condoms too tight or too ‌ ‌ short.

The King Size Condom from Pasante is the ideal solution for situations where size ‌ ‌ has been an issue in the past. The design provides a shape that may be better for you, being wider and longer.

The Pasante King Size Condoms are an effective barrier method for‌ ‌birth‌ control, because unless you get a vasectomy, the only method of birth control available to men is the condom.

When you wear the wrong size condom, it’s risky; it may split or come off the body. Also, tight-fitting condoms can make it difficult to reach a climax and may cause loss of sensitivity.

Pasante King Size Condoms provide additional room to make the condom even more comfortable and ensure you get maximum pleasure during the act of lovemaking.

Features and Benefits

  • Wider and longer giving extra room and an ultimate fit; Pasante King Size Condoms provides you with additional room which makes the condom more comfortable and pleasurable for love making.
  • Transparent and teat-ended; This condom is transparent to maintain the real feel of the penis.
  • Larger size condoms; Pasante King Size Condom falls under the category of large sized condoms. You don’t need to feel ashamed again about your lil man. This large condom is definitely a back up for you.
  • Natural rubber latex; Pasante King Size Condoms are made from natural rubber latex. It’s very safe, elastic and pleasurable.
  • Safe to use with water and silicon based lubricants; No need to worry about the type of lubricant to use, these large condoms from Pasante welcomes all forms of lubricants including water-based and silicone-based ones.
  • 12 Packs of condom; The big pack contains 12 packs of Pasante King Size Condoms just for you.

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The Pasante King Condoms boast a wider and longer surface area than most condoms, making them ideal for those who need a little more room to move around. With lubricant covering and a teat-ended design, they are comfortable and slip easily onto the body.

Why not give it a try today? Wicked Sex Toys sex toy store sells Pasante King Size Condoms 12 Packs at a great price for you. Place your order with us today by filling our online request form. We will deliver this condom to you discreetly packaged anywhere within the UK.

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