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Condoms with different flavours are frequently regarded as a curiosity. Despite the fact that they are a fantastic alternative to conventional condoms and are completely functional for most types of intercourse, the idea may still elicit more laughs than passionate glances when discussed with a partner.

Flavoured condoms are designed with the goal of making sex more enjoyable while maintaining the basic safety that regular condoms offer. Although no protection is 100% effective, when used properly, a Pasante flavoured condom may be just as effective as a normal condom.

The wonderful fragrance, taste, and colours of these condoms will add even more pleasure to your sex life.

In the year 2000, the Pasante brand was introduced. Since then, the brand has evolved to become one of the UK’s most popular and fastest-growing condom manufacturers.

Pasante has firmly established itself as a high-quality condom brand you can trust, with a reputation for innovation and service. The CE and BSI kitemarks may be found on every Pasante latex condom on our website. Latex-free alternatives are offered as an alternative for those who are allergic to latex. These condoms have a CE certification and may be used with lubricants that are oil-based.

Pasante condoms are flavoured condoms that are intended for complete comfort and dependability. Condoms are not only an efficient method of birth control, but they have also been shown to prevent the spread of a variety of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. Condoms from Pasante come in a wide range of lengths, widths, thicknesses, colours, flavours, textures, and forms.

Pasante currently offers the largest selection of condoms on the market in the United Kingdom, giving consumers and clients a real choice. Pasante Tastes condoms come in six flavours: vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry, mint, and blueberry, with colours that match the tastes. The condoms have no structure, are standard in size, and are lubricated with a water-based lubricant. Two condoms for every flavour are included in the package.


  • Flavoured, fragranced & coloured.
  • Teat ended, straight sided condoms.
  • Non- spermicidally lubricated.
  • CE and Kite marked. 2 condoms of each flavour: blueberry, mint, strawberry, banana; vanilla, chocolate
  • Length: 190mm Width: 52mm Average thickness 70μm

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Flavoured condoms may be a great present or just a fun way to spice up your Friday night, and what better way to start than with these Pasante Flavoured Condoms? They bring more than simply pleasure to the bedroom with them, as they are designed to tantalise your senses and sweeten your sexual experience.

If you usually use Durex condoms, you’ll be acquainted with Pasante. In terms of form and packaging, both brands are quite similar. The contrasts, on the other hand, are very appealing. Pasante condoms are less expensive than Durex condoms and have additional features.

Regular condoms from Pasante are shaped for a more secure and comfortable fit. Comfort and feeling are provided by this non-spermicidal lubricated shaped condom. For quality assurance, the kite is CE marked. Place your order with us now!

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