Pasante Extra Condoms-12 pack

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latex rubber


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Size Imperial

7.09" x 2.05"

Size Metric

180mm x 52mm



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One of the most important benefits of using a condom is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The use of condoms helps to prevent sperm from getting into the vagina. There are very unfortunate cases when a condom breaks during sex and this can be very disturbing as the unwanted might eventually happen i.e your partner getting pregnant. 

To avoid this happening, people, most times use two condoms at the same time. This could help in a way but it will further reduce the pleasure

You can avoid unwanted pregnancies and still enjoy maximum pleasure with the use of Pasante Extra Condoms. This condom offers you extra protection much more than normal condoms do.  Despite their size being the average male size, they are about 1 mm extra thick this way you are guaranteed of extra protection.

A layer of extra lubricant is applied to them, so as to provide more comfort while in use and also offer maximum sensitivity.  You should always note that this lubricant is not meant to kill sperm and should therefore not be considered as a contraceptive on its own.

Certified and Tested

In accordance with almost all condom lines, the Pasante Extra Condoms are CE certified and 100% electronically tested to ensure their safety and reliability. They are also eco-friendly and made from high-grade natural rubber.

Due to the fact that it is made from high-quality natural rubber latex you can choose to use additional lubricants if you so wish as long as the lube is water-based. You can rest assured that the material will not be degraded by using a water-based lube.

This unique condom is safe for oral, vagina and anal sex. It is also a good choice for men who like to have sex vigorously or for long periods of time.

Features of Pasante Extra Condoms

  • The package contains 12 condoms.
  • It is Kite and CE marked.
  • It is alcohol-free in nature
  • It is non-spermicidally lubricated
  • Transparent and teat-ended

Benefits of Using Pasante Extra Condoms

Extra Safety Guaranteed

The Pasante Extra Condom offers you extra safety while in use due to its extra thickness. If she likes it hard you have no problems giving it to her just the way she wants it, you can be rest assured there will be no breakage of condom which might result in unwanted pregnancy. 

Maximum Sensitivity 

The fact that  Pasante Extra Condom is extra thick doesn’t mean its sensitivity level is at a reduced rate. This special condom offers you even more pleasure.

Buy Today on Wicked Sex Toys

Enjoy maximum pleasure and still be safe not having to panic about condom breakage with Pasante Extra Condoms. These condoms are designed to be thick and also sensitive leaving you with nothing to miss out on. Buy or place an order for one today.

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