Metal Handcuffs

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3.7 in x 4.5 in x 0.8 in

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9.50 x 11.60 x 2 cm



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Heighten your pleasure and adventure during sex with metal handcuffs.  Handcuffs are a perfect sex tool for those who want to dive into the naughty world of BDSM.

They can be great with certain sex styles which include cuffed missionary,  cuffed doggy style, ankle grab and standing sex. 

With the help of handcuffs, you can explore different power plays by allowing your partner take the lead or relinquish control.  

Dimensions: 9.50 x 11.60 x 2 cm

Weight: 66 gram

Things to Consider Before Using Metal Handcuffs


It is important you discuss the use of handcuffs before getting or using one with your partner. You should understand that your significant other can be either in favour of or opposed to its use, hence their consent is very important. 

Limits and Expectations

Once consent has been sought and approved, limits and expectations should be discussed with your partner too. You shouldn’t go above or below what you and your partner have agreed on as this might have an effect on your partner’s perception of you in the long run. 

Be Sensitive and Pay Extra Attention

After having reached a conclusion on what to do and what not, you ought to be sensitive to your partner’s feelings and emotions during the whole process.  This will help you understand when he/she desires a change or doesn’t want to continue anymore as a result of pain or loss of interest.

Have a Chat After the Experience

Discuss with your partner about the whole experience. This will give you an insight into how they feel about it and if they will like to continue with it or not. However, you should always respect their opinion, whatever it is.

Benefits of Using Metal Handcuffs

Explore the world of bondage

With the use of handcuffs, there is no limit to how much you can explore. It can also help you to experience what powerplay and bondage feel like during sex.

Complete Control

Imagine having complete control over your partner during sex, doing those things you have discussed with him/her repeatedly and in an intriguing manner. This will definitely brighten up the mood in the room and leave him/her wanting more.

Discover A New Level of Pleasure

With metal handcuffs, you are set to reach a new height of pleasure and maybe orgasm or squirt uncontrollably. Imagine being positioned and static at that very angle where he is hitting your g-spot continuously. This will definitely result in an unmatched level of pleasure. One you will never want to have enough of!

Having restraints during sex can be a fantastic way to delve into the ever-exciting world of BDSM with metal handcuffs being that perfect restraint.

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