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Furry Fun Cuff is a pair of stunning black and chrome spore bracelets, joined with a chain, with a soft stuffed animal surrounding the cuffs. Furry Fun Cuffs are a lot of fun and can be a good way to stimulate your imagination and diversify your sex life

Because the fur plush surrounds the buckles, this belt is safe to use and light in weight. These fun restraint tools can be used as a stand-alone restraint tool or in conjunction with other bondage accessories like ankle cuffs, blindfolds, gags, chokers, and pinwheels.

Product Description

  • The bracelet is constructed of high-quality natural leather and plush, while the metal part is of a highly durable, hypoallergenic alloy that does not contain cadmium or lead, so your skin won’t turn green when wearing it.
  • Material safety combined with fine craftsmanship, perfect in every way.
  • Using advanced production technology, it adopts the latest processing technologies and strict quality controls, assuring you of durable and fade-proof cuffs.
  • With the adjustable chain, the bracelet is easy to wear and not easy to fall off, plus the plush keeps you warm and comfortable, so you can enjoy your costume game even in cold weather.
  • A gift for carrying out your sexual fantasies, it is designed by ergonomic experts. 


  • Beautiful two-piece wrist spores linked by a chromed steel chain, with soft stuffed animals wrapped around the blue cuffs. 
  • The handcuffs come with two keys and a safety release latch. 
  • They are composed of a working lock and a safety release latch for increased security.
  • With a pleasant feel to the touch and an eye-catching design, these handcuffs are an excellent option.
  • Detachable and extremely soft furry cover that you can use both for hardcore and soft play.
  • Comes in other attractive colours such as red, blue, white, pink and stripped.


  • Keep it away from chemicals like cleaning agents, perfumes, body moisturizers, etc. They can remove the finish and change the colour.
  • Please do not sleep with it on. Before you go to bed, take off your beautiful pleasure tool and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.
  • Toy Joy’s Furry Fun Cuffs are a black plush that will make playtime even more thrilling. These great handcuffs are easy to use, fun to use, and come with two keys. 

How To Use

They will keep your lover from moving from your playtime pleasures if you enfold them around his or her wrist first, and then tie them to the bedpost to keep them from moving.

Benefits Of Furry Fun Cuffs

  • This bondage cuff was specially designed to meet the needs of the novice, being gentle, user-friendly, while still providing you with excitement and bound-up fun. 
  • The wrists are cushioned by soft, comfortable fur, and the quick-release switch will let you put it on and take it off in a flash.
  • The safety system mounted in the handcuffs will allow them to be opened without damaging the product even if they get lost.
  • You will absolutely love having your partner completely at your mercy if you cuff her to a bedpost or tie her hands behind her back.
  • Discover the new possibilities of this new experience with its 2 keys and safety catch. Boost your sex life with a spicy twist to break the monotony! 

Indulge Your Fantasy!

Furry Fun Cuffs are a lot of fun and can be a good way to stimulate your imagination and diversify your sex life. Let yourself be overcome by moments of wild delight by taking them and surrendering to them in your bedroom. 

Explore your sexual fantasies with the Furry Fun Cuffs and other adult toys available on the Wicked Sex Toys store. Buy now!

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