Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing but Sensation Nipple Teasers

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The matte-finished suction cups fit over any portion of your breasts with soft silicone nipples on a breathable, stretchy back sheet. The nipple teasers are safe to use on any sensitive skin and come in a set of 2 so you can choose which set you like best. Smooth, rounded silicone nipple teasers are just the thing to tease, tickle, massage, and increase nipple sensitivity for hours of fabulous arousal.

The set of 2 nipple and vibrating teasers, with 2 suction cups and 2 silicone nipples, can be used together or separately to enhance the pleasure of your sex life. You can put them on your breasts, nipples, clit, pussy, or anywhere you want to feel pleasure. 

The silicone nipples are non-porous and breathable and can be worn for hours of pleasure. These teasers can be used on any body part for hours of teasing, tickling, and increased sensitivity. Use your nipples for erotic, erotic stimulation.

With Nothing but Sensation, we bring you two nipple teasers to enhance your experience after-dark and boost your arousal. Create a gentle vacuum over the areola by pressing and releasing. An areola is a small circular space on the body with a different histology than the surrounding tissue in the breast. 

Key Features

  • Fifty Shades of Grey silicone nipple teasers.
  • Heightens sensitivity to increased arousal during play.
  • Draws blood into nipples by applying air pressure.
  • Silk soft silicone for a luxurious feel. Simple to use.
  • Waterproof and washable.
  • Ideal for light use and for light-skinned people.
  • Fits under most clothing.
  • Great for the bedroom, spa, or anywhere.

How to use

  1. Remove any underwire before wearing the product. Wear only 1 breast at a time.
  2. Apply the nipple teasers to your nipples.
  3. Lie on a flat surface, such as a bed, when wearing the product during intercourse.
  4. Gently move and squeeze the nipple teasers through the lace pattern to increase sensation.
  5. Remove the nipple teasers to rest after each use.
  6. Waterproof and washable.
  7. Make up silicone-free water or silicone-based soap.
  8. Great for use on bare, dry skin.
  9. Does not irritate or harm skin.

Important: Do not use with breast milk.

Note: For external use only.

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The Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing but Sensation Nipple Teasers are super-hot and sexy, and each one is 5.5 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. 

They come in different colours, like purple, pink, and more and you can use them with the clothes you already have. They are very comfortable to wear and do not need any batteries or cords.

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