Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls

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Size Imperial

Length: 8.5", Circumference: 4"

Size Metric

Length: 21.59cm, Circumference: 10.16cm



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The Inner Goddess is a premium pleasure ring that is made with premium silver alloy and shaped to bring you endless hours of fun. 

With an extra special design, this ring has the shape of the woman’s vagina. Inside you can find 8 balls with pleasure nubs that bring you satisfaction in the moment, while you also find the balls to bring you satisfaction later – the ultimate sex toy for lovers.

You can change the balls in the toy by unscrewing the ball cover and swapping for another one. This can range between 6 to a total of 8 balls, and the toys can be heated or cooled in the air for different sensations. 

The surface of the balls is an elegant silver alloy while the design of the balls and the shape of the whole toy is a sophisticated design, perfect for your body and the pleasure you wish to feel right now.


  • Made of quality medical-grade material – the perfect choice for your kegel exercises
    • With every ball packed with an impressive 7.4 grams of pure weight, these are sure to put a smile on your face!
    • Made out of a solid, hypoallergenic, and phthalate-free steel.
    • Inner diameter, 7cm.
    • Contains: 100% Steel.
    • Weight: 221g per pack.
  • An extra-small length makes it easier to insert or remove.

What does this product do?

When inserted, the balls fill the vaginal cavity creating greater stimulation to the G-spot area while simultaneously toning the pelvic muscles.

What are the advantages of kegel balls over your normal kegel exerciser?

The advantage of kegel balls over normal kegel exercisers is that they can be inserted when you have difficulty in reaching the kegel hole (it can be used for those who have lost the muscle strength due to pregnancy).

When used with a kegel exerciser for vaginal rejuvenation, they can act as an extra pressure for holding, toning and shaping the pelvic muscles while you’re in kegel mode.

Do they hurt?

No, they are made from medical-grade material and will not damage or cause discomfort.

How deep can I insert the balls?

As deep as you can reach — but be careful because they’re solid and may be uncomfortable to stretch all the way.

Can I insert these with a water-based lubricant?

We have found that using lubricant will allow the balls to be inserted a little easier, this will depend primarily on the lubricant being clean and not smell in any way.

You should not use lubricant if you are allergic to it.

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