Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Beaded Chain Nipple Clamps

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8.25 inches x 1.75 inches x 1 inch

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21 cm x 4.5 cm x 2 cm



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Fifty Shades Darker at My Mercy Beaded Chain Nipple Clamps are sensual and responsive, with a chain that runs between the two pieces to add extra erotic sensations. Crafted of nickel-plated steel with weighted beads for a little extra something, these clamps create an array of sensations.

These nipple clamps are designed to tighten and tug on the nipples, delivering incredible sensations during foreplay or sex, and an easy-to-use operation ensures you can use each clamp at the right time and your fingertips to control intensity.

All the best features!

From the bedroom to the dungeon, tease and titillate with these weighted nipple clamps. The sleek design fits most nipple sizes while the beautiful pearls add a luxurious touch. The clamp pads are great for sensation play and are connected to an eye-catching chain leash.

You can allow your imagination to run wild with the Fifty Shades Darker at My Mercy Beaded Chain Nipple Clamps. These elegant chain nipple clamps are designed with a touch of glamour, with a sparkling crystal accent. The adjustable design allows you to determine just how much stimulation you would like to administer.

The tips of the metal clamps are decorated with little silver beads that provide extra stimulation as you move—or as your BDSM partner moves them! Use the included silk cord to connect the chain directly to the clamping mechanism, or use the silk cord like a leash to give them control over your bound body.

Coated with soft black silicone, these easy to open clamps will send you into subspace and keep you there. The chain will deliver a jolt of pleasure as it trails down between your breasts, keeping your partner on edge.

Who is it for?

Designed to be worn by a man or woman, these bondage nipple clamps are perfect for beginners, or anyone that wants to spice up their sex life.

Use the chain to pull your nipples from a distance, or simply push against your chest to move the clamps in place. The clasp is small and easy to take off by squeezing the sides. Every pleasure comes at a price, but this smooth and sleek set will make the sting more than worth it!

The soft rubber grip makes it easier for you to exert pressure on the nipple and the attached chain provides additional stimuli. The chain can also attach to other items in the bedroom, such as other restraints.

Ready to spice things up?

When your lover has done something naughty, use the Fifty Shades Darker at My Mercy Beaded Chain Nipple Clamps to mete out your punishment. Use them on nipples or other select erogenous spots, then stand back and watch your lover squirm!

They may not be handcuffs, but these nipple clamps will still make you feel like they’re holding you prisoner. Take a fun mini break from being in charge and let your partner call the shots with these sexy nipple clamps.

These unique clamps tap into your most sensitive body parts and provide a sweet sense of pain – perfect for beginners and those looking for something new.

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