Feather Tickler Black

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Product Length: 10.6 inches / Packaged: 14 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches

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Product Length: 27 cm / Packaged: 35.5 x 9 x 1 cm



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With this wonderful feather tickler, you can let out your inner tease. As you drag it over your partner’s lips, neck, chest, abdomen, or feet, the impossibly-soft feathers are sure to leave sensations that spark some seriously sensual desires.

This tickler feather is one of the best ways to bring an extra level of kink and unconventional sensation play into your sex life. It is perfect for sexual experimentation and you will soon be asking questions like, “Why haven’t I done this before?”

Despite its gentle appearance and feel, the Feather Tickler can deliver deeply stirring sensations. When used for clitoral stimulation, the feathery touch is the perfect buildup to penetration; you’ll be shivering – literally – with anticipation in no time at all.

What to expect with Feather Tickler Black

The Feather Tickler is a fantastic stimulator made entirely of non-toxic materials. It has a stiff stem with a pliable feathery tip that can taunt and tickle you in ways you never even imagined possible.

The feather tickler’s waterproof qualities means bathtime just got a little naughtier. Take this toy into the shower and enjoy the thrill of its teeth-chattering wet tickles. Most notably, it’s a sex toy that isn’t solely geared toward genital stimulation; even though you can use the Feather Ticker in that capacity, it’s primarily designed to pamper your other erogenous zones.

Your sexual experience is far more explosive and satisfying if you postpone the inevitable gratification of going straight to penetration. The tickler helps you to take your time going through the sexual response cycle, which can result in smoother penetration, intense orgasms, and an overall more pleasurable experience. That holds true whether you’re using the Feather Tickler as a couple’s toy or as a warm-up for solo play.

During solo play, stimulating your erogenous zones with the feather tickler will make all subsequent acts far more pleasurable. If you want to switch to penetration, you’ll be more prepared and generally more relaxed if you can spice things up stimulating other parts of your body first. This is also a great way to explore your body’s pleasure points and learn where you want to be touched, teased, – or indeed – tickled.

Who is the Feather Tickler Black for?

The Feather tickler works for men and women who enjoy adding a little restraint and a patient buildup to their sex play. It is perfect for building anticipation before the main event, and it is the perfect addition to bondage play with your partner. Strap down your submissive and run the tickler all over to get the most impressive reactions. You’ll have them begging and pleading in no time.

The feather tickler is a versatile playmate and can work on any part of your body. Pair it with your regular sex routine with your partner or your solo play with other fun toys for unprecedented orgasms.

Ready for some Wicked Sex Toys?

If you want to add serious foreplay to your sex life, the feather tickler is a great option. When it comes to adding spice into your relationship, the feather tickler is a no-brainer, and if you’re trying to discover new levels of gratification on your own, the feather tickler will still get you there. You can’t go wrong with this one. Buy now on Wicked Sex Toys.

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