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ultra soft jelly


L1154 Cell size batteries x 3

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5.5in x 1.25in

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140mm x 30mm



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On a cold and lonely night, you don’t need to wait for your partner or two to achieve mind-blowing pleasure. Double Penetrators were made for nights as this and this can be an amazing gift if you are single and want to still experience mind-blowing sexual pleasures.

People are always looking to increase their sexual pleasure or experiment new things so as to fulfil their sexual fantasies. One of such ways is double penetration.

Double penetration is a sexual activity that involves the vagina and anus being stimulated at the same time! This can be done by two men inserting their penis into the vagina and anus of a woman at the same time or a penis in the vagina and finger in the anus or vice-versa depending on the style and position. With humans craving for more sexual pleasure, double penetration has definitely come to stay.

What is a Double Penetrator?

A double penetrator is a sex toy that allows for double stimulation at the same time. It is designed in the form of two penetrative stimulators(usually penis-shaped) and most times fixed on the same shaft. Some penetrators come with a vibrating motor that turns them into vibrators hence stimulating the vagina and anus at the same time so that you don’t have to do all the work. 

Types of Double Penetrators

Some of the double penetrators you can find include:

Dual Vibrators

These are made of two dildos on a single shaft and so can penetrate the vagina and anus easily at the same time. These vibrators are made in such a way that you can increase or reduce the speed depending on your mood and what you want at that point in time.

Double-sided Dildos

These are made to have a penis head on either side. They are usually about 16-17 inches long, this way the user will enjoy deep thrusting actions.

Two-in-one cock ring and dildo

This type of penetrator is usually bendable so that you can enjoy the action of both the c-ring and dildo simultaneously.

Benefits of Using a Double Penetrator

Dual stimulation

The use of double penetrators allows for stimulation and penetration of both the vagina and the anus thereby having pleasure from both bodily orifices.  

A heightened sense of pleasure

People have an orgasm from just vagina sex only, so imagine the extreme pleasure you will derive when both your vagina and anus is penetrated at the same time. Double penetrators can give you that electrifying pleasure over and over again.

Sexual activities such as double penetration have been around for many years and will probably remain so for many more years and so also the use of double penetrators. Don’t remain left out, get a double penetrator today and have an amazing sexual experience. 

Double penetrators are available on the Wicked Sex Toys store. Buy now or call to place an order.  Fast and discreet delivery guaranteed. 

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