Bound to Please Metal Handcuffs

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Size Imperial

Product Length: 9.5 inches, Chain Length: 2.5 inches

Size Metric

Product Length: 24 cm, Chain Length: 6cm



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The bondage products available on the market are an excellent choice if you’re seeking for a new adult toy. Metal handcuffs are at the top of the list when it comes to bondage. This pair of handcuffs is perfect for BDSM sessions despite the fact that they are made of metal. They are well-designed and do not harm the wearer.

Their ease of use and removal, their ability to be shackled together for numerous sessions, their durability, and their appearance on leather-clad wrists are all positive attributes.

Bound to Please Metal Handcuffs, for example, have a smooth surface and are supple enough to provide an even more pleasant sensation than lower-quality handcuffs. If you wish to play with your lover, the Bound to Please Metal Handcuffs are a good choice for you.

Features of Bound to Please Metal Handcuffs

When you and your lover are involved in bondage, keep them in check with these Bound to Please Metal Handcuffs. The links are detachable for a more subtle bracelet appearance.

  •         Key clasp is simple to use and has a rapid release lever. Two keys are provided.
  •         Ideal for beginners.
  •         The length of the connecting chain is 2.5 inches /6 cm.
  •         The length of the handcuffs is 9.5 inches/24 cm.
  •         The inner diameter may be adjusted from 2 inches/5 cm to 2.9 inches/7 cm.

Because the only way to unlock them is to use the key that holds each side together, subs are tied until their punishment is completed.

Perfect For All Kind of BDSM Sessions

Metal handcuffs from Bound to Please are ideal for bondage setups since they can be used for a variety of activities. They have a great weight to them, and they are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. They’re also incredibly easy to conceal, so you may have a sultry BDSM encounter without having to worry about anyone seeing what’s going on.

Metal handcuffs by Bound to Please are the ideal bondage weapon for a submissive or DOM who wants to prevent their partner from fleeing.

Study Enough For All BDSM Activities

Bound to Please Metal handcuffs for bondage are robust and allow sufficient area for the substitute’s hands to move freely. Additionally, they are durable enough to endure the abuse of being worn on the wrists of a substitute.

You want to ensure the safety of your subordinate.

Bound to Please Metal handcuffs for BDSM are:

  •         Bondage-friendly.
  •         Made from toughened material.
  •         Will not fall off.
  •         Easy to fit.
  •         Not too heavy.
  •         Comfortable:
  •         Easy to open and close.

Lock your sweetheart uptight and enjoy the Metal Handcuffs from Bound to Please as you explore your dreams. These beautiful metal handcuffs are safe and well-designed, making them an excellent choice for either bondage beginner or seasoned professional.

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