Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Massager

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Size Imperial

Length: 5.5 inches, Insertable Length: 4.5 inches, Circumference: 3.75 inches, Tip Width: 1.25 inches

Size Metric

Length: 14 cm, Insertable Length: 11 cm, Circumference: 9.5 cm, Tip Width: 3 cm



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With the Aneros Progasm Ice prostate massager, try for the gold medal in anal stimulation.

The Progasm series is made of medical-grade plastic and is intended for advanced users.

The Progasm’s unique larger circumference and hands-free form make it simple to use while increasing pleasure.

Fun to use alone or with a partner, the Progasm will assist you in learning to relax and progressing to larger toys, or it can serve as one of the greatest sexual aids in your toy box.

Made from Body Safe Materials and FDA Approved Components

The Progasm Ice, despite its look, is not composed of glass. Rather than that, it is built of an award-winning, FDA-approved medical and food-grade plastic that is quickly being utilised in place of glass due to its inability to shatter.

Additionally, the manufacture of this plastic generates less emissions than other varieties, making the manufacturing process more environmentally friendly.

Each Aneros Progasm Ice is unique. Each air bubble is created uniquely throughout the manufacturing process, making them one-of-a-kind.

Features of Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Massager

The Progasm Ice is completely unique among Aneros massagers in a variety of ways. It includes an array of amazing orgasmic characteristics. To begin, the round, ball-shaped ‘P-tab’ provides a wonderful perineum massage that enhances and compliments your experience.

Second, there is an incredible second tab referred to as the Kundalini tab or ‘K-Tab.’ This tab applies pressure on a well-known acupressure location on the sacrum or tailbone.

Additionally, to the overall Aneros experience, the stimulation from this new tab offers additional sensations up and down the spine.

  •         Made in the United States of America!
  •         Excellent for newbies! Even Better for seasoned adventurers!
  •         Hands-free enjoyment at the highest level of comfort.
  •         The P-tab stimulates the perineum, which increases total enjoyment.
  •         K-tab activates the Kundalini point, resulting in all-pervasive arousal.
  •         To facilitate insertion and stimulation, the tip is rounded, bulbous, and angled.
  •         The anchor base prevents unintentional movement and provides dazzling external stimulation.
  •         Aneros prostate massager is ergonomically built for out-of-this-world P-spot massage.

The Progasm’s broad, curved head and slanted stem make substantial direct contact with the prostate, allowing for incredible hands-free release. Simply apply a liberal amount of water-based anal lubricant and go on to your heart’s content.

Ready for Hands-free Fun

Our unique hands-free design delivers a powerful prostate massage.

As with the original Progasm, this renowned prostate stimulator is widely regarded as the greatest P-Spot massager ever developed.

They were clinically created to massage the prostate gland and perineum, enhancing sensitivity and sexual performance significantly.

Ergonomically built to enhance/induce male orgasms. Progasm is the most girthy of the male g-spot stimulators and is considered the most sophisticated design in their progression.

You can buy Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Massager here on Wicked Sex Toys and enjoy discreet shopping.

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