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Jiggle Balls Are The Sex Toys You’ve Always Wanted
Jiggle balls have been around for hundreds of years, despite what you may think after watching Fifty Shades of Grey. Before Mr Grey introduced Anastasia to jiggle balls and Kegel balls, they were already used by women for their sexual health.
Jiggle Balls have been around since the 5th century. They are usually made from metal or ivory and were designed to increase pleasure during intercourse. The Ben Wa Balls were soon discovered to be effective in inducing orgasms for Japanese women.
Wicked Sex Toys Jjiggle Balls are designed specifically for women for the most sensual workout ever. They will help you develop stronger pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, which will have a profound effect on your sexual life. Choose from our bedroom essentials bundles to fill your closet with goodies.

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Nowadays, jiggle balls come in a variety of colors and materials, with the same purpose and benefits they have always had. Jiggle balls strengthen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, found in the pelvic floor. The exercises trigger the body’s automatic response by causing the muscles to contract.

No matter whether you are enjoying the luxury jiggle balls as part of foreplay or just for fun, you will gain endless enjoyment. All of the products on this page are bestsellers.

Make sex more sensual – more touching-based – and have less expectation.

Jiggle Balls: What Are They?

Jiggle balls combine a sex toy and a sexual device in a fun way. The vaginal muscles contract around tiny spheres inserted into the vaginal wall. The clitoris, the G-spot, the vaginal inner lining, or any combination thereof, based on the size and shape of each of them, will be stimulated. In addition, they offer you an opportunity to work out your vaginal area to make it tighter and stronger than it has ever been.

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Jiggle Balls Have These Sexy Benefits

When Christian ‘surprise’ Ana in Fifty Shades Darker, he presents her with some gorgeous pleasure balls. For a split second, she believed they were going to stick through her buttocks, which scared her. However, Christian stuck them in her genital area and departed for the ball. Jiggle balls are definitely fun, right?

You might wonder, however, why you need to carry a vaginal ball with you at all times? How can it help you?

Jiggle balls make it easier to do your kegel exercises with minimal effort. The problem with exercising your pelvic floor without a pleasure ball is that you have to exert yourself to tone your pelvic muscles, which is tiring and something you might overlook. You also have zero ways of knowing your results, which can be quite tedious.

With jiggle balls, all you have to do is insert them, lubricate them to make insertion easier, and go about your day as usual. You don’t have to worry about them getting in the way and can forget about them until they’re removed. They will greatly improve the strength of your pelvic floor if worn for two hours daily.

At Wicked Sex Toys, our Jiggle balls come in different weights in order to work the pelvic floor muscles gradually. With the weighted balls, you can adjust your pelvic floor workout by adjusting the weight over time, tracking your progress.

Sex is composed of friction and fantasy.

Make sure the pelvic floor exercisers you select are made of hypoallergenic materials such as tense silicone jiggle balls that will not irritate or cause allergies. At Wicked Sex Toys, we offer Jiggle balls made from body-safe materials. Cleaning them is as easy as spraying them with cleaning solution or soaking them in soapy water.

Kegel exercises can improve the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, in addition to facilitating bladder control, improving your sexual performance and enhancing your libido.

Vaginal secretion can also be increased by stimulating the vaginal wall, which keeps it moist and lubricated.

Additionally, becoming aware of your pelvic floor muscles and learning to manipulate them will increase your chances of experiencing multiple orgasms and intensifying them.

Don’t forget to enjoy foreplay. All the stuff that leads up to intercourse — kissing, touching, and oral sex is part of the sexual experience; it’s not just about penetration.

Sex can be more pleasant if your pelvic floor is toned. As the silicone jiggle balls compress your pelvic floor, its tightening effect will be felt by your partner, making your orgasms stronger.

Jiggle Balls provide a number of health benefits, including:

  • Orgasms of greater intensity
  • Having better sex leads to a healthier sexual life and an overall happier life
  • The ability to control one’s bladder leads to an increased sense of self-assurance and self-esteem
  • After childbirth and surgery, pelvic floor muscles tend to recover faster
  • Prevention of surgical procedures may be possible


Is it a good idea to use my jiggle balls regularly?

You will see results quicker if you use your jiggle balls more often. Try the lighter balls first and increase the weight as you go. Use only one ball at a time when you have strong pelvic floor muscles.

You can greatly improve your pelvic floor health and make yourself more aware of these muscles by doing pelvic floor exercises each day for just two hours. While you are jogging, cleaning, or walking your dog, your pelvic floor muscles will be at work.

Jiggle balls can provide you the same kind of thrilling experience that Anastasia and the Japanese girls once had!

Are the silicone balls going to tighten my vaginal lining?

That’s for sure! The term “tightness” has nothing to do with the size or shape of the vaginal canal, but rather relies on how strong the muscles around it are. The use of jiggle balls regularly will help to strengthen your vaginal muscles, as they get used to holding on to something.

A ball can easily be replaced by anything else, including your partner’s genitalia! Having a stronger and tighter vagina will be a pleasure for you and anyone who gets a taste of your genital pleasure!

Why do my jiggle gold balls have a string attached to them?

Nowadays, most jiggle balls sets come with strings or sets of strings rather than being sold as single balls. The purpose is to make inserting and removing the love balls easier and safer. Leaving the string dangling downward, you can insert the jiggle balls into your vagina while the string passes through your vagina lippy. If you want to take out the ball, you can gently pull on the string and it will slide right out, no digging required!

Is it possible to masturbate with the jiggle balls?

You can do that! The vibrations produced by jiggle balls cause the inner lining of your pussy to buzz. Jiggle balls can even be used to stimulate the clitoris while one is inside of you. You can also try pulling the string gently in and out, as if pulling an anal bead. Doing so will send you into the realm of supreme pleasure.

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