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Strapless Strap-Ons Great For Couples
Experience the world of strapless strap-ons. These toys feature no straps to interrupt and ruin the moment. You get to enjoy being penetrated at the same time as the woman or man receiving the thrusting. A perfect toy for Anal Play, or for “Pegging” (a highly arousing and fun sexual act in which a man cums while his partner is being penetrated).
Strapless strap-ons are the perfect sex toys for anal play. They give you a closer penetration with no straps to get in the way. They’re great for pegging and are especially fun for anyone who loves being penetrated.
Strapless dildos let you have sex in a totally new way. Whether you’re a man or a woman, gay, bisexual, you can use one to give your lover completely new pleasure. One end goes in the vagina, and the other goes where you want it to go. It’s especially thrilling for a man to be anally penetrated, allowing him to experience a new kind of sex with his female partner.

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A double-sided strap-on is a great addition to any couple’s sex toy collection. It’s often quite large in both length and circumference, which means inserting it can be used for stimulating either the G-spot or prostate. This experience allows you to reach the climax together.

A double-sided strapless strap-on gives the woman an extra thrill and allows the man to experience even more intense orgasms. And because there are no pesky straps to unfasten, you can get down to business without any preamble.

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What Is A Strapless Strap-on?

Strapless strap-ons are great couples’ sex toys. Both partners have the option of using the device instead of a strap-on harness and dildo during intense physical contact. This device is meant to be worn by a woman and held in place by her pelvic floor muscles. This device is extremely popular among lesbians as a means of simultaneously stimulating their lovers, and it can also be used by women when they are pegging men to give them a deep, pleasurable experience.

Uniquely designed and incredibly functional, these strapless strap-on dildos allow for double penetration at the same time. Using just your pelvic muscles, you can easily fit one inside your vagina and one inside your partner’s anus.

Strapless strap-on sex is a real experience, different from any other type of sex. The features of these amazing, “no-strap” strap-ons makes them ideal for giving both partners simultaneous orgasms and pleasure.

Strapless Strap-ons: How Did It Start?

The first strapless strap-on models with a registered trademark to appear on the market was the Tantus invention of the “Feeldoe” and “Realdoe” range. However, there are more and more double dildo designs emerging that work in similar ways. They’re essentially all designed to be used by women with strong Kegel muscles.

Some women may have a difficult time getting used to a strapless strap-on and may find it difficult to keep it in place during penetration. Starting to do kegel exercises and getting a pair of Pelvic Toners can help you become accustomed to them and give you complete control.

Benefits Of Using A Strapless Strap-On

Using a strapless strap-on has several advantages over using the combined harness, O-ring and strap-on. These include:

You don’t have to worry about straps

Strapless strap-ons are wonderful. Couples can enjoy themselves immediately! You don’t have to worry about fiddling with the straps and buckles, ensuring that you are both comfortably positioned. With a strapless strap-on, you can just lubricate it and start playing.

Increased bodily contact

Strapless strap-on harnesses are great for couples who love to engage in some partnered play. Having their bodies touch provides a more natural feel when they are enjoying some partnered sexual enjoyment.

Two pleasures in one

The many benefits of strapless strap-on toy go beyond simultaneous orgasms for both partners. It offers a level of trust and intimacy between partners that is difficult (if not impossible) to achieve with other forms of sex. The shaft of this strapless toy often features a bullet vibration or motor to stimulate the wearer as well as the receiver. Vibrations are transmitted down the shaft to trigger the receiver.

A more natural viewpoint

Strapless strap-ons are great for strap-on play. They allow the wearer to have a more realistic angle of thrust, which in turn leads to better control, intense and deeper penetration.

Tips On Using Strapless Strap-Ons

A few tips to help you use a strapless strap-on dildo easily and more pleasurable!

Kegel muscle strengthening

When you use a strapless strap-on silicone dildo, you will need to use your pelvic floor muscles to keep it in place. This may be difficult at first but you’ll find that using this is much more comfortable once you become accustomed to it. To start, use kegel balls or love eggs to help train your pelvic floor muscles. This will make using a strapless strap-on easier and more comfortable for you, for longer periods.

The strapless strap-on must be held in place using the pelvic floor muscles. Although it may seem difficult at first, using it is much more comfortable once you get used to it. Start training your pelvic floor muscles using kegel balls and love eggs. The strapless strap-on will be more comfortable to wear for longer periods with this adjustment.

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Make use of stimulation gels

When using a strapless silicone dildo with your partner it’s important to use gel to help enhance the experience. A stimulating gel like this will help to arouse the clitoris or g-spot and make using a strapless dildo more pleasurable for both of you.

Discover different sexual positions

The next step is the fun bit. Try different positions, explore what feels good for you and your partner and what works for you both.

Try the doggie position and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes on your next sex escapade. You can hold the strapless strap in place by tightly wrapping your legs together in this position. In this case, you may also want to try the cowgirl position. It’s you who controls the pace of thrusting. This position is also super sexy to watch since your partner is sitting astride you and moving up and down on you. This is a great position to try if you want to be sure your partner is 100% satisfied. It can also help you relax and enjoy the experience more.

Include more sex toys

If you haven’t tried using other sex toys to enhance your orgasms, then now is the time to give it a try. Try using a couple of the vibrators, or use your imagination and add some of your fave sex toys to the mix.

Choosing The Right Strapless Strap-ons

Generally, strapless strap-ons are operated by putting one end into the body and then using Kegels to push the other end into the other person’s body. For those who enjoy getting exercise while playing, or squeezing their pelvic floor as they penetrate, you should seek out a dual strap-on with a bulbous head on one side.

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Add a little oomph to your lovemaking by using a vibrating strapless strap-on with insertable length. It produces powerful, highly pleasurable vibrations for both of you. Even come with remote controls, so you can control the speed and rhythm while you thrust.

The best double-ended vibrating strapless strap-on for couples who have two vaginas between them is a silicone strapless set. It’s designed to stimulate the sensual spots at the same time. One end has a realistically sized dildo and the other has a much smaller phallic-shaped dildo. It’s perfect for lesbian sex and for women who love G-spot stimulation.

Some of the most exciting times for a woman using a double-ended strap-on are when she uses it with her male partner. It gives her a sense of power and control, and she can experience multiple orgasms from this type of sex stimulation too.

If you and your lover are into kinky sex, you’ll find the products we offer here at Wicked Sex Toys will give you a fun online experience with lots of options for pegging, lesbian sex and simultaneous vagina and prostate pleasuring.

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