Buy Restraints for Bondage, Sex & BDSM

Tie or be tied, that’s the concern. When you’re wanting to start bondage play, restraints can be your first starting point.
Handcuffs and restraints for bondage, sex & BDSM are vital to your pleasure tool kit.
It’s a relatively low-risk move into the world of sexual fantasy and BDSM that can bring an extraordinary pleasure to your sexual life.
And if you’re always eager to try something quite different and need powerful restraints for enhanced bondage and discipline, our collection of kinky cuffs, silk ties, and fetish gears will make you plead for more.

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At Wicked Sex Toys, we have everything that you need to truly take pleasure in all that restraints have to offer.

There are various restraints readily available at Wicked Sex Toys, yet most of the time, one’s choice depends on their taste.

Also, it’s worth noting that certain kits are kinkier than others.

If you are new to restraints, silk restraints are a great starting point, as they are soft and comfortable, and look less overwhelming.

And if you’re more skilled and experienced, consider shibari, a Japanese bondage method.

Here at Wicked Sex Toys, we want your kinky play to be as erotic as it could be, so don’t wait any longer!

I define kinky as any type of consensual non-conformist sex.

What Are Restraints?

Bondage is an act of tying or restraining a partner. Restraints are the tools that you use to lock up and neutralize the sub.

They’re specially built to help you bind your partner quickly, securely, and safely.

This allows the Dom to maintain power and dominance by ensuring that the sub is made immobile.

Bondage restraints have become quite famous, and this is likely due to the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey novels and films, putting bondage into the spotlight!

How To Choose Restraints?

Also, there are things to be taken into consideration when selecting restraints.

Start by asking yourself what you’ve been planning to do with the restraints since there are several different forms of restraints readily accessible.

You should try basic restraints first, such as wrist restraints as well as ankle restraints. And some are used to restraint the entire body, including body harness and arm restraints.

You should check the materials, too. Steel, cloth, leather, and satin restraints are mostly used.

Other aspects to note would include the cuffs’ size, the safety, and security of the cuffs, e.g. whether they are strong and durable or easier to detach, or whether they allow you to mount other forms of bondage devices.

If you’ve been aiming for something unique, some restraints are made with additional padding and grip-holds for elevated bondage.

Some are built for long-term, standing bondage play, where a lot of strain may be put on the wrists.

Some restraints are crafted from neoprene and water-resistant fabrics that make them suitable for use in the bathtub or swimming pool.

For those who enjoy role-playing or perhaps just incorporating to the dominant/submissive experiences, try a bondage collar and a leash, so to emphasize who is in command.

More experienced bondage fetish lovers may want a hogtie kit, a web restraint device, or a bondage bar to bind their partner’s arms or legs just in the right spot for optimum pleasure.

Based on what you want and how you’re going to play, make sure you pick restraints that don’t harm you in any way.

Sex is one of the few honest places inside us; it doesn’t know how to lie, even if we change the story for the public.

What Are Sex Handcuffs?

In the bedroom, sex handcuffs and restraints can be used to bind or lock your partner tightly.

They are commonly used in bondage play or BDSM, as bondage restraints offer thrill and pleasure while doing any sexual activity.

Handcuffs are mostly made of metal, although others are made from different fabrics and materials.

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How Can I Start Using Sex Restraints?

If both you and your partner are still exploring, then begin slowly to make sure each of you is comfortable but satisfied.

Effective communication is essential, so ensure that you share your vision and fantasy and how you want it to transpire. There are many varieties of restraints, but how you use them will rely on what you have.

Handcuffs are bound or placed all around the wrist to take away the control of the hands. Wrist restraint is also a pleasant first choice for beginners, since it’s a common fetish, and it’s simple to find sexual satisfaction in handcuffs.

If both of you enjoy it, then start adding more bondage gear, including blindfolds, ball gags, and ankle chains. Armbinders and some other total body restraints are more extensive in scope and thus provide greater control over the sub.

If you enjoy sex or explore aspects of your sexual identity using technology, that experience should belong to you. Only you should get to decide whether it was a good or bad thing to do.”

These restraints provide the sub with a sense of powerlessness that the dom employs to intensify the experience.

You may also add other sex toys such as vibrators alongside your restraints for much more sexual gratification. No matter how much you and your partner perform, it is always vital to use a safeword all through this type of sexual interaction.

Your partner’s satisfaction is as relevant as yours, so if anything goes bad, then both of you would know how to respond to quit right away.

The dom should never exploit the power they have over their sub.


What should I keep in mind when using restraints?

Consent has always been essential to restraints. You don’t want to push your partner to try or keep using restraints if they’ve been uneasy with it.

You would want to check your partner frequently, especially at the beginning.

If you’d like to keep on moving to a kinkier play, decide a safe word, which is a unique term that each individual will use to stop the scene right away.

Can I combine other sex toys with restraints?

A lot of people use restraints together with other sex toys, particularly vibrators and dildos.

Various restraints can also work best on different sex toys. Bed restraint devices can integrate well with dildos and vibrators, whereas collars and leashes function well with a broader range of sex gadgets.

Will restraints hurt?

You always need to be cautious, even if you like the gentle pain, as with some restraints, particularly full-body harnesses, there is an intrinsic degree of pain.

If things are starting to get quite unpleasant, and painful, or your blood flow may have been cut off by the restraints, immediately stop, and reexamine.

One of the best tips is to keep the scissors within reach throughout the restraint play for your safety and security.


How do I introduce the concept of restraints to my partner?

The smartest approach is to try telling about it. Whenever it comes to restraints, you certainly want to have an open dialogue.

Tell your partner that you’re willing to take part in restraints, but if they do have any issues with it, take them into account and have a sensible discussion.

What restraints can I use besides sex handcuffs?

You may bind your partner with bondage tape, sex chains on the wrists and ankles, and anything else to boost your sexual fantasy! Depending on what type of bondage adventure you’re practising, you may prefer black or red fluffy handcuffs or leather handcuffs.

Also, there’s a bondage strap or rope in a variety of styles and more. Silky restraints can also be used to subdue your partner’s wrists or ankles so that they would enjoy the feeling of being shackled. With whatever kind of sexy handcuffs or other bondage harnesses you pick, you should enjoy knowing that you’re submitting yourself over to your lover to enjoy your whole body while being tied.

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